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Have you heard of Isambard Kingdom Brunel? 

Year 1 are finding out that he was a great engineer...

Our Mantle story so far

Our Mantle story so far  1
Our Mantle story so far  2

For our first Mantle in Year 1 last year we were the 'Team of Change'; a demolition and construction team specialising in improving buildings in the local area.


Our client?  Matthew Smith


Our commission? To improve the buildings in Pin Village to create a new town.


The team discovered a demolished house in Dart Road, located in Pin Village. Mrs Cart, a neighbour living on the road, saw what had happened. She saw a person in a workers uniform knocking down the house with a team of builders.



Other people must have seen what had happened too. We inquired about the other stories that needed to be told through drama and created artwork to represent what the builders, neighbours, wildlife may have seen as this building was demolished.



The team were invited to attend a training session on how to create blueprints. Matthew Smith led the training and the team learnt about how to use 2D shapes to represent buildings . We then used this to create the drama space of Pin Village.



After their interest in the training the team were asked to sign the commission agreeing to change Pin Village. The team are busy working on site in preparation for building a new town.



The demolition will start soon...