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If you are in Year 4, you might be feeling a lot of different things about going to middle school. 


You might be excited.

You might be nervous. 

You might be looking forward to it. 

You might not want to go.

You might be feeling something completely different.

You might be feeling a mix of lots of things. 


Whatever you are feeling, it is normal and it is OK. 




Some middle schools have transition activities on their websites.

Click on the logo of the school you are going to:






Year 4 Transition Support Video 4

Coming in to school in July

Year 4 Transition Support Video 3

Become an investigator to find out about your middle school. (Scroll down for videos 1 and 2)

Year 4 Transition Support Video 2

Memories of your time at Woodrow

Year 4 Support for transition to middle school - video 1





BBC Bitesize has loads of great videos.

Although they talk about going to secondary school, they are very useful for middle school, too. 

Click the pic!