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Mr Benney's class

The class will be taught by Mr Benney and for half a day by Mr Kieran. Mr Lucas will be in class all week and Mrs Robinson will be in and out all week including at lunchtime! 

The children will have their own morning playtime each day. Lunches are in the dinner hall and all children can order a school dinner.


Each child has their own pencil case with the stationery they need for the day. Other equipment which needs to be shared will be cleaned regularly. 

PE kit can be worn all day on PE days - Summer first half is Monday [basketball] and Tuesday [swimming].  

Children will have to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

when they come in to school

before and after playtime 

before and after lunchtime
after any coughs or sneezes

after any “messy” activity

before they leave school 



In maths this term children are learning about place value and the number system. They will also be practising adding and subtraction, as well as their times tables. We use TTrockstars in class and ask that this is used at home too.


Reading and Writing 

In class we are exploring texts to do with refugees. We are using what we have learnt in reading sessions as well as spelling and grammar sessions to create our own stories. Our stories will be to do with the books we have read, as well as our work in mantle.



This term we are working as a team of re-homers to help extra terrestrials who have had to leave their planet. As well as exploring the theme of refugees in our mantle, we will also be focusing on geography, science, design technology, religious education and art.



The focus for this term is friendships and internet safety.