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Mr Benney's class

The class will be taught by Mr Benney and for half a day by Mr Kieran. Mr Lucas will be in class all week   and Mrs Robinson will be in and out all week including at lunchtime! 

The children will have their own morning playtime each day.

They will eat their lunch in their classroom - PACKED LUNCHES ONLY. Children eligible for a free school dinner will be able to order a school lunch. We are working around Covid precautions to be able to offer a paid hot lunch to children as soon as possible. 

Each child has their own pencil case with the stationery they need for the day. Other equipment which needs to be shared will be cleaned regularly. 

PE kit can be worn all day on PE days - Autumn first half is Tuesday [football] and Wednesday [gymnastics].  

Children will have to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

when they come in to school

before and after playtime 

before and after lunchtime
after any coughs or sneezes

after any “messy” activity

before they leave school