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Mrs Bailey

Hello and welcome to Mrs Bailey's class. 


The teachers in the class are Mrs Bailey (Monday to Friday) and Mrs Tolley (Wednesday afternoons).


The other adults are Mrs Morris, Mrs Coldwell and Miss Edwards.

What are we doing in school?


We are looking at the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. We are learning about the solar system and the different features on Earth. As a class we thought of what made planet Earth wonderful and drew pictures of our ideas.


To learn more about our planet we have focussed on school and the outdoor environment. As a class we have been exploring our learning environment.

Family Learning


To find out more details about Reception please view the videos that are being uploaded over the next few weeks. These will enable you to have the opportunity to learn more about Reception. 

Mantle of the Expert


We have started Mantle of the Expert in Reception. We began by looking at images of winter and sharing our knowledge of what we knew about winter.


To explore further we learnt about a place on Earth called the Arctic Circle. We created this as a whole class.


As a class we have been learning more about the Arctic Circle by watching videos and reading books. The class enjoyed learning facts about the polar bears and how they survived in extreme weather conditions.


Using drama we imagined ourselves as polar bears and stepped inside the Arctic Circle to explore.


One polar bear was hungry and used her claws to break the ice to catch the fish from under the ocean.

After leaving the Arctic Circle we painted and created images of what we had seen.

A visitor arrived who required urgent help. Her name was DR White and she worked in the Arctic Circle with Polar bears. She has a problem! The bears are disappearing! She shared a report with us and photographs she had taken on her last visit. The photographs showed less bears each time she visited. She needed our help!



We shared our ideas and agreed to help. We are now a team. The Polar Bear Protectors.