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Mrs Heynes / Mrs Tolley

We currently have 26 children in our class. 


The teachers are Mrs Tolley (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Heynes (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


Other adults in the classroom are: Miss Preston, Mrs Coldwell, Miss Edwards

Mantle - We are animal experts getting ready to travel to the Arctic.......

Oh no......some of the animlas have escaped from their enclosures......we used our knowledge of shapes and animlas to sort them out and put them back.

What are we doing at school?

We are looking at the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.



We will be learning about our solar system and the different features of Earth.


It is teaching us about our Planet and how to look after it.

What a Wonderful World

This is Mrs Tolley's and Mrs Heynes' class singing their version of What a Wonderful World