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Mrs Howie

This year in Mantle we are a team of Archaeologists working in Suffolk.

We have discovered what appears to be an old Anglo Saxon settlement. We have dug up many artefacts including fragments of weapons , tools and household items. After doing some research we created our idea of what the settlement might have looked like.


We are working for a local Lord and trying to keep our archaeological finds private at the moment. We will tell English Heritage later.

Excitement , we have now discovered something Gold. It is from Viking Times and is a brooch . We made some replicas in Art , from clay and a relief made of string and foil to also look silver.

On the dig bone fragments have also been discovered. After a lot of Historical research we learnt it must be from King or Queen . We learnt about the bones that make up a human skeleton , to confirm it was from a leg bone.

Further digging on our site revealed a figure head from a Viking long ship, which had been use for a burial.

Is this evidence of Viking settlement too? 
Here is our idea of the magnificent longship it must have been.

We’ve read lots of stories to help us learn more about Anglo-Saxon and Viking life including the Legend of Beowulf and Grendel. We  are currently reading a more lighthearted story about a reluctant Viking called Hiccup !

Using Drama we have tried to see the jobs that Vikings had to do to live , the reasons they had for seeking out new settlements and the journeys they undertook on their longships. 
A scouting party of Vikings arrived in Suffolk and immediately began naming the new land to make it feel more like home. Ie Oden’s mountain, Freya’s waterfall etc.

As the king is arriving at the new Viking settlement soon along with more of our people and livestock , we had better get busy building to settle the land. We have encountered Anglo-Saxons and have agreed to live in peace, share the land and trade goods.