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Hello! Come in and have a look around Nursery!


We have spaces for Nursery 2020 - Please call 01527 527619 if you interested in a space for September.


Starting nursery is an anxious time for parents and children. At Woodrow First School we know how difficult it can be and want to support our families in the best way possible.


On this page you will find some videos and information for parents and children which should support you and your child.


By now you should have received your welcome pack in the post. If you haven't and have applied for a space please call school.


Please call school to accept your space and arrange your induction meeting in September as soon as possible. 


In you no longer need a space at Woodrow First School Nursery please let us know as soon as possible.



Due to the current situation some of the arrangements and the way we organise our school may change over the coming weeks. We will be in touch if anything impacts upon the start of the nursery year. We can assure you that the health and wellbeing of the children, their families and our staff is our priority. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our school in September. Many of your questions may be answered in the video and information below, however please call the school if you have any further queries and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!




Nursery Presentation 2020

Induction presentation for all of our new Nursery families who are starting with us in September 2020.

This presentation will take you though all of the main information you will need to know for the start of the Nursery year. In your induction packs you will have had a letter outlining if you have been offered a 2 year old, 15 hour or 30 hour funded space. We can discuss sessions times at your induction meeting, however if you have a preference please mention it when you book your induction meeting time.



Welcome to Nursery

Come and have a look around our Nursery and Foundation Stage Unit.

This video takes your child for a tour around Nursery. Please share this video with your child so they can see what Nursery looks like and know what to expect when they start.

At the moment the video does have some of the existing nursery children's work and resources up on the walls and in the classroom. When your child starts we will have the room fresh and tidy for the new year, ready to fill with their fantastic work!



Mrs Williams - Nursery Teacher

Hello from Mrs Williams. Watch and find out a bit more about me!

Hello from Mrs Liles

Hello from Miss O'Mahoney



Preparing your child to start Nursery


Below are also a few ideas you could do at home which may help the move from home to nursery a little easier. 


School readiness

Pre-school is a great opportunity for children to develop skills ready to start school. During your child’s nursery year, we will focus on the Early Years curriculum and also ensure that your child is ready for the move to Reception.

Before your child starts Nursery there are a few things you could do at home which will make the change from home to Nursery a little easier.


Toilet training

When your child starts nursery they will need to be confident to use the Nursery toilet area. A few weeks before your child begins Nursery, start to give them opportunities to become more independent. This may include:

  • Your child taking their own nappy off
  • Your child standing up to be changed
  • Your child using the bathroom with you outside the room
  • Together, pack a bag with a spare change of clothes and encourage them to use this bag if they have an accident or need changing.

We will always support you and your child with toileting, no matter where your child is in the process. We have a designated changing area in the Nursery and will be able to discuss your child’s individual toileting needs at your induction meeting.


Making choices

When your child starts Nursery they will have lots of new choices to make. From what toys to play with, what fruit to choose and where to sit on the carpet. This can be a little overwhelming if they have not had this experience before. To support this change, start to give your child more choices at home. It’s always a good idea to limit the choice your child is given to 2 or 3. Below are a few ways to have a go at this.

  • Ask your child to choose what they would like to eat. A good place to start is by giving them a choice between two options, for example:


“Rosie, would you like a cheese sandwich or a ham sandwich today?”


  • Give your child the choice of the clothes they would like to wear for the day.

“Rosie, are you wearing the green leggings or red dress today?”


Even if you already know the answer to the question, simple questions such as this will allow your child to use their language but also get them used to making a decision and sharing it with someone else.


Vocalise or express their needs

While at home encourage your child to use their words and gestures to express the things that they need. As a parent you will have a clear understanding of what your child needs and when, at Nursery your child will need to be more independent and confident to ask for things.

Begin to encourage your child to verbally tell you what they need or encourage them to use gesture if they find it difficult. A good way to encourage this is to show them how to do it.

For example, when you are around your child overly exaggerate asking questions for some basic things. Before you get a drink, say,

“I’m thirsty, I am getting a drink.”

Or before you go to the bathroom clearly state,

“I am going to the toilet now.”


It may feel a little bit silly but this will help your child know the things to say. Giving your child lots of praise when they use their language or gesture to express their needs will encourage this further.


Getting dressed

At Nursery we will have PE and swimming sessions, so your child will need to be able to undress and dress themselves. We will encourage the children to do this as much as they can on their own but an adult will always be around to support them.

In the weeks running up to the start of Nursery get your child used to the putting on their own clothes.

Getting dressed can be frustrating for young children so maybe start with some loose fitting or elasticated items such as jogging bottoms or leggings. Socks and tights are difficult; they may need you to show them the best way to put them on a few times. Lots of encouragement and praise, even when they don’t get it quite right will help they to be confident to get ready for the day.


Getting in the routine, ready to come to Nursery

Your child may not be used to getting ready to leave the house at a certain time in the morning. Over the next few weeks begin to prepare your child for this by helping them to  wake up, get dressed and be ready for the day at the time you would need to leave for nursery. This will hopefully make it a little bit easier when it is time to start the new nursery routine.



Talking about Nursery

One of the most important things you can do is talk to them about starting Nursery. Show your child the videos of the Nursery and the videos of their teachers, this will help them to understand what to expect. Explain that they will have lots of fun at Nursery with other children but that grown up's can't stay. If you are off to work let them know that's where you will be going or if you have other jobs to do, explain this to them, so they know what you will be doing while they are at Nursery. 


Let your child know that at the end of the session you (or someone they know) will be there to pick them up. Sometimes we forget to tell our children we are coming back for them as it seem obvious to us, but by reminding them that you will be there at the end of the day, it will put their minds at ease. 



Morning Checklist!



  • What time will I come to nursery?

    There are three session times available.

    Nursery sessions are as follows:

    AM – 8.45- 11.45

    PM – 12.00 – 3.00

    30 hour funded space – 8.45 – 3.00


  • How will I know what session my child has?

    If your child has been allocated a 30-hour space this will have been outlined in your welcome letter. Otherwise your child is eligible for an AM or PM session.

    We currently have spaces in both AM and PM session times. We will finalise your choice at your induction meeting in September. If you have a preference mention it on the phone when your book your appointment and we will allocate your child a space in this session. 


  • How is my child’s nursery space paid for?

    15 hour spaces

    All children aged 3-4 are eligible for 15 hours funded preschool education. You will fill in a form to apply for this during your induction meeting, the funding will then come directly to school.


    30 hour funded spaces

    If you are eligible for 30 - hour funding, you will need to apply on this website:

    You will then receive a code which you will need to give to nursery by Monday 13th July. We will then submit the relevant information and the funding will come directly to school.

    As well as the 30 hours, our 30 hour children will receive an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes in Nursery a week. There will be a weekly charge of £6.25 for this time. This will be charge to you monthly. 


    2-year-old spaces

    If you have been allocated a 2-year-old space your welcome letter will confirm this. To be eligible you must fill in the form below:



    A form was also enclosed in your welcome pack which can be posted to the address on the form.


    Once your eligibility has been confirmed you will need to pass the details on to school.


    Funding across more than one nursery setting

    Please be aware that they may be a further charge if you choose to use another nursery provider as well as Woodrow First School.  If you are using more than one nursery provider, we will discuss your individual arrangements  with you when we fill in your funding form during your induction.


    Please call school if you have any worries or questions about funding. 


  • Can I come to Nursery on some days of the week but not on others? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer flexible days in our Nursery. It is not compulsory to attend Nursery however we expect your child to attend Nursery Monday to Friday within their allocated session time (AM, PM or full day), unless they are ill or have an appointment. We understand there may be occasional family reasons why your child is unable to attend Nursery also. Please let staff know if they will not be attending. You could speak to the Nursery staff on the door or call school and leave a message. Please note that if your child's attendance becomes poor we will need to discuss your child's space and if our Nursery is the right provision for you. 


  • Where do I come into Nursery at the beginning of the session? You will be able to enter through the Nursery gate and wait on the playground or undercover foyer area. Once the bell has gone your teacher will open the door ready for the day.


        Please note that these arrangements may change slightly to enable social distancing at the   

        beginning of the school day. We will talk to you about the arrangements during your induction



  • Are there toilets nearby? Yes, all classrooms have toilets nearby. We will show you and your child the bathroom arrangements during your family days.


  • Where do I put my coat? Your child will have a peg with their photograph on it so they know where to put their things.


  • Where do I put my lunchbox? If your child has a lunchbox they will put it on the lunch trolley. It is  on the right hand side of the door, as you come in.


  • How many teachers will I have? In Nursery there are a team of adults who will support your child. Each day you can see who is in the classroom on the welcome board in the foyer. Please take a look at the staff videos with your child to find out a little more about us!


  • Where will I learn? The Nursery is full of learning opportunities! Each day the children will have access to three short whole class carpet times, a snack time, lunch time and free play which will be indoor and outdoor. The adults will support the children throughout their activities and choices.


  • Will I get a snack? Each child has the chance to have milk, water and fruit during their

        session time.


  • Can I have a hot dinner? Yes! If you would like your child to have a hot dinner you can order one before 9.15 on the day. There is a charge for a hot meal, in 2019-2020 nursery hot meals were £1.60 each. This may increase for September 2020. If your child is in the afternoon session, please call school before 9.15 am or order the day before to secure their meal.


  • When is PE? PE will happen once a week, once all of the children are settled in. We will send a letter out to you with further details when PE begins.


  • Do I need a PE kit? In Nursery you will not need a PE kit for our PE lessons. However, if you would prefer your child to wear a change of clothes you can leave this on their peg for them.


  • When will I go swimming? Swimming will start after the Christmas holidays. We will send you a letter outlining the details. We will also give you the chance to see the pool before the children use it.


  • What do I need to bring everyday? As we use the outdoor areas on a daily basis, a coat, hat and gloves would be useful in the colder weather. If the sun is shining, we would suggest a sun hat. Please note that we are unable to apply sun cream to your child, however they are able to put this on themselves. Your child will also need their lunchbox or money for a hot lunch if you would like to order one. You may also want to bring a spare change of clothes and/or nappy changing bag which can go on your child’s peg.


  • What will happen if my child is really upset at the start of the Nursery session? If you child becomes upset when coming to Nursery, don't worry! It is not unusual for children to find starting nursery hard. Sometimes it can take a long time to become fully settled in. If this is the case that's okay and settling in to the school environment is what nursery is all about. We are here to support you and your child to feel comfortable in school so they are happy and ready to learn. Each child is an individual so we will speak to you about different ways we can support your child and make a decision about what is best for your child and you.