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Hello! Come in and have a look around Reception!


Starting school is an anxious time for parents and children. At Woodrow First School we know how difficult it can be and want to support our families in the best way possible.


On this page you will find some videos and information for parents and children which should support you and your child.


Please see the question below for details about the start of the school year. 


Also, please check here for our school Covid- 19 protective measures. This includes information about the one way system.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school soon. Many of your questions may be answered in the video and information below, however please call the school if you have any further queries and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!


Welcome to Woodrow!


Reception Presentation 2020

Induction presentation for our new Reception children and families starting with us in September 2020.

This presentation will take you though all of the main information you will need to know for the start of the Reception year. If you have further questions please look at the information below. We will also have time to chat with you at your induction meeting.



Welcome to Reception 2020

Come and have a look around our Reception classes and Foundation Stage Unit.

This video takes your child for a tour around the Reception classes and the Foundation Stage Unit. Please share this video with your child so they can see what the classrooms and school looks like. This will also help your child to know what to expect when they start.

At the moment the video does have some of the existing children's work and resources up on the walls and in the classroom. When your child starts we will have the room fresh and tidy for the new year, ready to fill with their fantastic work!



All About Mrs Heynes

All About Mrs Bailey

All About Mrs Tolley

Hello from Mrs Morris

Hello from Miss Preston

Hello from Mrs Coldwell



School readiness

Reception is the start of your child’s full time education and for all children there will be a change. It can be an anxious time for everyone involved and there are a few things you may want to think about before your child starts with us in September.


Below are a few thoughts, websites, games and ideas which will support your child to start their Reception year.


Confidence using the bathroom

When your child starts Reception they will need to be confident to use the toilet area as independently as possible. A few weeks before your child begins school, start to give them opportunities to become more independent if they are not already. This may include:

  • Your child using the bathroom with you outside the room
  • Together, pack a bag with a spare change of clothes and encourage them to use this bag if they have an accident or need changing.


An adult is never too far away to support your child if they need help. It is normal for accidents to happen at this age. We will be able to discuss your children individual toileting needs at your induction meeting.


Making choices

When your child starts Reception they will have lots of new choices to make. From what toys to play with, what fruit to choose and where to sit on the carpet. This can be a little overwhelming if they have not had this experience before. To support this change, start to give your child more choices at home. It’s always a good idea to limit the choice your child is given to 2 or 3. Below are a few ways to have a go at this.

  • Ask your child to choose what they would like to eat. A good place to start is by giving them a choice between two options, for example:


“Rosie, would you like a cheese sandwich or a ham sandwich today?”


  • Give your child the choice of the clothes they would like to wear for the day.

“Rosie, are you wearing the green or red dress today?”


Even if you already know the answer to the question, simple questions such as this will allow your child to use their language but also get them used to making a decision and sharing it with someone else.



Vocalise or express their needs

While at home encourage your child to use their words and gestures to express the things that they need. As a parent you will have a clear understanding of what your child needs and when, at school your child will need to be more independent and confident to ask for things.

Begin to encourage your child to verbally tell you what they need or encourage them to use gesture if they find it difficult. A good way to encourage this is to show them how to do it.

For example, when you are around your child, overly exaggerate asking questions for some basic things. Before you get a drink, say,

“I’m thirsty, I am getting a drink.”

Or before you go to the bathroom clearly state,

“I am going to the toilet now.”


It may feel a little bit silly but this will help your child know the things to say. Giving your child lots of praise when they use their language or gesture to express their needs will encourage this further.


Getting dressed

At school your child will have PE and swimming sessions, so your child will need to be able to undress and dress themselves. We will encourage the children to do as much as they can on their own but an adult will always be around to support them.

In the weeks running up to the start of school get your child used to the putting on their own clothes.

Getting dressed can be frustrating for young children so maybe start with some loose fitting or elasticated items such as jogging bottoms or leggings. Socks and tights are difficult; they may need you to show them the best way to put them on a few times. Your child will also be wearing their school uniform in Reception so try and practise with their uniform or items of clothing that will be similar. Lots of encouragement and praise, even when they don’t get it quite right will help they to be confident to get ready for the day.


Get in the routine for coming to school

Your child may not be used to getting ready to leave the house at a certain time in the morning. Over the next few weeks begin to prepare your child for this by supporting them to wake up, get dressed and be ready for the day at the time you would need to leave for school. This will hopefully make it a little bit easier when it is time to start the new school routine.


Talk about starting school

One of the most important things you can do is talk to them about starting school. Show your child the videos of the classrooms and the videos of their teachers, also use the induction booklet that was sent to you in the post. This will help them to understand what to expect. Explain that they will have lots of fun at school  with other children but that grown up's can't stay. If you are off to work let them know that's where you will be going or if you have other jobs to do, explain this to them, so they know what you will be doing while they are at school. 


Let your child know that at the end of the day you (or someone they know) will be there to pick them up. Sometimes we forget to tell our children we are coming back for them as it seem obvious to us, but by reminding them that you will be there at the end of the day  it will put their minds at ease. 


Get Reception Ready!

Road to School

Morning Checklist for Children



  • How and when will I find out who my teacher is? We will be in touch before the summer holidays to let you know who your child’s teacher will be. You can use the videos on this page to find out more about the teachers and the adults in your child's class. If possible we will arrange a time for your child to meet their teacher before the break, but we are not sure if we can do this at the moment.



  • How can I buy uniform for my child? Please use the link to the uniform shop to order uniform. The office will then prepare your order for you. You can also buy non branded uniform from supermarkets etc. 


  • What are the arrangements for the first day?


Please find the arrangements for the first few days below. 


Reception children will have part time days on:

Thursday 4th September

Friday 5th September

Monday 7th September

Tuesday 8th September


Your child will have an AM or PM session. Please see your paperwork for this individual information.

AM session times – 8.45am – 11.30am

PM session times – 11.45am – 2.45pm


Please arrive at school via the main school gates. Follow the one-way system to the Key Stage One playground. Please see the picture to help you. There will also be members of staff available to show you the way if you are unsure.

Please wait at a distance from other families on the playground. Your child’s teacher will open the door and your child can enter the building. Parents are unable to enter the school building. There will be members of staff and transition stations available on the playground to support your child entering school if they feel unsure.

A member of staff may also need to talk to you to finalise induction paperwork. This will be completed outside on the playground and full social distancing will be in place.

When collecting your child, again, please follow the one-way system and wait on the playground. Your child’s teacher will then release your child to you from the classroom door.


Wednesday 9th September

This will be your child’s first full day in school.

You can drop off your child from 8.45am onwards.

The school day will start at 8.55am

The school day will finish at 3.00pm. You can collect your children from 2.50pm onwards.

Please use the one-way system at all times.


  • Are there toilets nearby? Yes, all classrooms have toilets nearby. We will show your child the toilets on their first day.


  • Where do I put my coat? There are pegs in the bathroom area to hang coats and bags, your child will have one with their name on it. This is also where your child’s PE kit and swimming kit will go in the future.


  • Where do I put my lunchbox? Each class has a trolley to put lunchboxes on, your child will place their lunch box on there. At lunchtime, the trolley will be taken to the blue room where the lunches are being eaten.


  • How many teachers will I have? Every class will have a number of adults. There will be one or two teachers who are responsible for the whole class. There may be an HLTA who takes the class for one morning or afternoon each week. There will also be TAs and other adults who work with the children. We are all very nice and are here to help you all! Don’t forget to check out the videos that will help your child learn a little more about the grown-up’s in your child’s class.


  • Where will I sit? In Reception children may sit on the carpet for some of their learning and also use tables and chairs for other activities. Your child’s teacher and the other adults in the room will be around to help your child know where to sit.


  • Will I get a snack? Every day your child will have some time to have a drink of milk or water and a piece of fruit.


  • Can I have a hot dinner? Yes! In Reception all children are entitled to Universal Free School meals. If you would like your child to have a hot dinner they will need to order their dinner during the register. In the first few weeks we will support the children to know what they are having for lunch and make sure everyone has something to eat. We will discuss your child’s dietary needs during your induction meeting if you have any concerns.


  • When is PE? PE will happen once a week, once all of the children are settled in. We will send a letter out to you with further details when PE begins, this letter will also tell you the arrangements for PE kits. 


  • When will I go swimming? Swimming will happen once a week when the children are settled. We will send you a letter outlining the details.


  • What do I need to bring everyday? As we use the outdoor areas on a daily basis, a coat, hat and gloves would be useful in the colder weather. If the sun is shining, we would suggest a sun hat. Please note that we are unable to apply sun cream to your child, however they are able to put this on themselves. Your child will also need their lunchbox if they are not having a hot dinner. You may also want to bring a spare change of clothes which can go on your child’s peg.