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September 2021 - Covid 19 Protective Measures

Welcome back

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back again in September and to meeting our newest children and families too.


There will still be a whole range of feelings whilst coronavirus is still part of everyday life and these feelings are perfectly normal and understandable.

However, we will continue to support each other and do our best to keep each other as safe as possible,

You will find details for Nursery and Reception starters at our class pages link below. 

Covid symptoms

The government have updated their guidance for schools and for parents and carers.  This will mean that Woodrow will be changing some of what we have been doing.

Children, Parents, Carers and staff must not come to school if they shows symptoms of Covid-19  or if they are instructed not to do so through the Track and Trace system.  They should follow the guidelines for self isolating, organise a PCR test and inform school.

If anyone in school becomes ill they will be taken to the isolation room until they can be taken home or for medical treatment. We have PPE for anyone staying with the unwell person until they leave the building. 

Children and staff can return to school after a negative PCR test as long as they feel well. A negative Lateral Flow test is not enough to be sure someone does not have the virus if they have symptoms. For the safety of everyone, we can refuse entry to school in line with our risk assessment, if a PCR test has not been taken. 

If  a child or member of staff tests positive for Covid 19 they will be advised by Track and Trace about who this impacts. As a general rule, close contacts who are under the age of 18 or double vaccinated adults will not need to self isolate - so classmates will be allowed to stay in school.  This change is in part to prevent children missing vital schooling. There are procedures to follow if it seems that the virus is spreading within school and up to date government guidance will always be followed. 

Children and staff do not need extra PPE or face coverings in school because of the other protective measures which will be in place. We will be asking visitors to wear a face covering and social distance wherever possible. 


Beginning and end of the day

Everyone should arrive through the main entrance, Longdon Close or Pedmore Close and follow the one way system to the classrooms - from Nursery round to Y4, Y3, Y2, Y1 and Reception in that order. 

The main gate will be pedestrian access only - disabled badge holders should speak to Mr Kieran about arrangements. 

Gates will be opened no earlier than 8.40am. 
Classroom doors will open at 8.45am and children should be dropped off at there between 8.45am and 8.55am. 
Parents/ Carers should then follow the one way system to leave the school grounds via the KS1 playground, Pedmore Close or Longdon Close. Everyone should leave immediately and not gather in the school grounds. Face coverings do not need to be worn. 

Parents/ Carers will not be allowed in school and should try not to go to the school office unless really necessary. Phone calls, emails, the website and Facebook page will be the main way of communicating. 

If Parents/ Carers need to speak to staff at classrooms doors, we politely request that they wear a face covering or keep at least 1 metre distance and staff are asked to do the same. 

The day will end at 3pm and Parents/ Carers should collect children from the classroom doors then. The gates will open no earlier than 2.55pm. We predict that this will be a very busy time and there may be some crowding, so please be mindful of each other. Again the one way system must be followed strictly to help with this and everyone should please leave the school grounds immediately. 

Class bubbles and social distancing 

Each class or year group will be in what is described as a “loose bubble”. 

This means that children in a class do not need to social distance from each other, but they will mostly stay separate to other classes. They will have their own playtime and at lunchtime they will have a place where only they play as this has resulted in calm break times over the past year. We will review this at the end of the autumn term. 

In order to be able to offer hot dinners to Year 1 and Year 2 children and to children eligible for Free School meals in KS2,  year groups will need to share the hall space. (See details in the lunchtime section). At other times the contact between the year group classes will be minimised and they will mostly stay separate for their learning and playing. 

So our bubbles are as follows

Nursery and Reception (four classes)

Year 1 (two classes)

Year 2 (two classes)

Year 3 class (two classes)

Year 4 class (two classes)

Any equipment which is shared will be cleaned after use and children will wash their hands when they have used anything which is also used by other children. 


Hand washing is very important. As a minimum, children will sanitise or wash their hands when

*they come in to school 

*they go out to play and come back in

*after using the toilet, coughing or sneezing

*before eating 

*after using shared resources 

*before they go home 


During the day staff will clean desks, taps, door handles etc and toilets and washbasins will be cleaned at lunchtime as well as the end of the day. 

The classrooms and learning spaces will be ventilated by having windows and internal doors open. 

Assemblies will be mainly be held using technology and children will participate from their classrooms. We have found that this has cut down the time needed to gather together so that other learning can start promptly. However at least once per half term, we will aim to gather as a school - outside if possible. 

Parents will not be able to join us for Friday assembly. 


Children will be in their class groups at lunchtime.

Reception  and full time Nursery children will continue to eat in the “Blue room” with cleaning of furniture as appropriate. 


Children from Reception to Year 2 are eligible for Universal Free School Meals and can have a hot dinner each day ordered in the usual way. They can also choose to bring their own packed lunch if they prefer.  

Children in Years 1-4 will eat in the hall, in their bubbles, in set places.  They will share the space with another bubble. So for example Year 1 and Year 3 classes will eat at the same time in the hall. They will sit with children from their class. The tables and benches will be cleaned before the Year 2 and Year 4 classes eat their lunch in the hall in same arrangement. When they are not eating lunch, they will be playing outside in a designated class area. 


For Year 3 and 4 - only children eligible for Free  School  Meals can order a hot lunch. Everyone else must bring a packed lunch. This will be reviewed again at the end of the autumn term. We need to look at timings and how practical it is to order lunches online as we are not accepting cash payments for anything. 


We will continue to use drama and inquiry as a base for learning across school. There will be lots of reading and writing and we will be following government guidance to do everything possible for children to reach age related expectations in maths. 

Some children may be involved in catch up or intervention programmes if they would benefit from an extra boost with their learning. 


Children with SEND will continue to have their needs met through support in and out of the classroom  - mainly by staff in their bubble.

Homework information will be sent out in the first few weeks for each year group. 

Children from Year 1 to Year 4 may wear their PE kit all day. We have an outdoor kit of black joggers and a yellow hoodie with the school logo on - available from our online uniform shop.  Alternatively, children should wear black joggers and a plain black, grey, yellow or green sweatshirt/ hoodie or zip up top over a white T-shirt. We prefer children not to wear items with big logos and prints etc for PE please. Part of the curriculum for children in Reception is “self care” skills which includes dressing and undressing. For this reason children in Reception may be asked to bring their PE kit in to school and change in their classroom. Teachers will inform Parents and Carers of the exact details. 

There will swimming for all year groups over the course of the year. There will be notices about PE and swimming days on classroom doors. 

We will be sending out information about extra curricular activities when appropriate. 


Any questions, please contact Mr Kieran by phone or email. 
Thank you.