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Transition September 2020

Classes from September 2020

Look for the class your child is in now and then see who their new teacher will be in September 2020. We look forward to seeing them all in school  on Thursday September 3rd. We will be adding information about allocated start and end times, entrances to the grounds, exits and the one way system before September. 


We will email or post a letter to parents of children joining Reception in September. We will have two classes. One will be  Mrs Heynes and Mrs Tolley's class and one will be Mrs Bailey's class. 


Reception Mrs Heynes and Mrs Tolley now will move to  Year 1 Mrs Paxton's class

Reception Mrs Bailey now will move to  Year 1 Mrs Ryall's class


Year 1 Mrs Paxton now will move to Year 2 Miss Dodd's class

Year 1 Mrs Ryall now will move to Year 2 Mrs Marshall's class


Some Reception and Year 1 children will be moving to Miss Davies' Smarties class


Year 2 Miss Dodds now will move to Year 3 Mrs Howie's class 

Year 2 Mrs Marshall now will move to Year 3 Miss Capron-Tee's class


Year 3 Miss Capron Tee now will move to Year 4 Mr Benney's class

Year 3 Mrs Howie now will move to Year 4 Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton's class


Want to find out more about the next class? 

In this area, you will find lots of information for you and your children all about each year group in school. We hope this will be helpful whether your child will be new to the school in September, or moving into a new year group in school.


You will be able to take a tour of the classrooms, meet some of the adults who will be working in each year group, find the answers to some common questions and also find some activities you can do to help you think about your new year group in September.


Click the link to the year group you want to find out about:








Make your own Covid-19 time capsule to record what is happening right now, and to think about your own feelings.

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