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Woodrow Christmas 2021



We love Christmas at Woodrow and nothing is going to stop us sharing our festive feelings at this time of year!


All the children across the school have been working hard to bring you a very special film this year, along with a favourite Christmas song.


The staff have been busy, too, with their own little contribution to make everyone smile!

The grand premiere of our film will be at 1.30pm on Thursday 16th December.

The videos will be available on demand afterwards.


Note from the film editor:

For unknown technical reasons, the Nursery clip will not work in the full film - the sound can be heard but the video not seen. The rest of the film works normally before and after this.

The Nursery video will be included separately below the film to ensure everyone can enjoy their lovely work. 

Woodrow Nativity: The Blockbuster Movie!

Nursery's lovely scene

Jingle Bells

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!

And last but not least...