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Year 2



Hello! Come in and have a look around Year 2!



Welcome to Year 2



Hello from Mrs Marshall

Hello from Miss Dodds

Hello from Miss Cole

Meet Mrs Chase and Mrs Griffiths who will be in Year 2



Here are some activity ideas you can do at home if you like, to help you prepare for your new class:




What sort of a superhero will you be in your new class?

Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero.

On the cape, write all the words that describe your special powers for your new class (you might include things like super-hearing for listening to the teacher, super-strength to do well in PE, super-sight to help you spot things that need tidying up...)



Our New Class

What will make your new class a great place? 

Draw a picture of the classroom and label the things that will make it great. 

You will definitely want to think about what the atmosphere will be like - will people need to listen to each other? Will they need to concentrate on their learning? Will they need to help each other?


Brave Poster

On a large piece of paper, draw or write a time when you were brave. 

It might be when you owned up to something you'd done wrong. 

It might be a time you walked away from someone being unkind to you.

It might be a time you spoke in front of the class for something.

Draw or write other times when you were brave. Keep it somewhere safe, or even put it up on the wall, and add more drawings or pictures when you think of them. 

When you look at this poster - think of how strong you are!



Malala is a girl who grew up in Pakistan when the Taliban tried to stop girls from going to school. She wrote a blog about her time and was shot because of it. She came to hospital in the UK and since recovering, has spoken widely about her hopes and dreams for children, for girls and for the world. 

This is Malala's dream for the future:

Think about the hopes and dreams you have for the next year in school. 

Write a hope or dream you have on each stripe of a rainbow (draw your own or print the one linked at the bottom of this section).


All About Me project

Make something to take into your new class to tell everyone all about yourself.

You could make: a poster, an information report, a booklet, a model with labels…. You might have other good ideas.

Include things like: your name, age, favourite colour, favourite food, favourite animal, what you are good at, what you really enjoy doing, things you think you need help with, information about your family… anything you like! What do you think we should really know about you?


Future Me

Draw a picture of what you think you might look like in a year, next summer. Add labels and captions to show what you think you might be like, what you might be able to do and how you might change. You could even write a letter to future-you to ask them if they have done all the things you want them to do – you can open the letter this time next year!


Letter to your Teacher

Write a letter to your new teacher or teachers. Tell them all about yourself, including what you are good at and anything you find hard. Ask them questions to find out what you want to know about them. Tell them everything you think it is important they know about you.



When you travel to another country, you have to take your passport to prove who you are. You could make yourself a school passport with important information about yourself inside it. (You won’t need one to get into school, though!) Passports have a photo on them, so you could add a photo of yourself, or draw yourself.


Acrostic Name Poem

Acrostic poems are great fun. The first letter of each line spells what the poem is about. If it is about you, each line must start with each letter from your name, and is something you like or are good at. Can you write one about yourself to show your new teacher? Here’s an example by someone called Maria:

Munching on tasty apples,

All night reading books,

Riding my bike every day,

Icing delicious cupcakes,

Always playing with my best friend.


Bag of Worries

You might have read the book The Huge Bag of Worries, or you can watch it on You Tube. It’s about a girl who carries all her worries around in a big bag until she learns how to talk about them, and then they go away. You might have worries about your new class. Draw a big bag on a piece of paper and draw or write all your worries inside (it might include worries that are not about school as well). Talk to someone at home about them, and bring it into school when we are back to share with your new teacher.

You could even use a real bag, and put each worry on a different piece of paper inside the bag, then bring the bag into school to share.



  • Where do I come in to the classroom in the morning? Your new teacher will open the outside classroom door for you and welcome you in every morning.


  • Are there toilets nearby? Yes, all classrooms have toilets very nearby.


  • Where do I put my coat? All the classrooms have pegs in the corridors and you will have one with your name on it to hang your coat on every day.


  • Where do I put my lunchbox? Each class has a trolley to put lunchboxes on – many also keep your school water bottle on the top as well. At lunchtime, the trolley can be taken to where the lunches are being eaten.


  • How many teachers will I have? Every class will have a number of adults. There will be one or two teachers who are responsible for the whole class. There may be an HLTA who takes the class for one morning or afternoon each week. There will also be TAs and other adults who work with the children. We are all very nice and are here to help you all!


  • Where will I sit? Every class is a bit different, but your new teachers will always make sure to explain everything and make sure you all have time to settle in to the new classroom.


  • Will I get a snack at playtime? Every class has fruit available for a playtime snack.


  • When is PE? Your new teacher will let you know when PE is going to be. Sometimes they even put a poster on the outside door or window so you don’t forget.


  • What do I need to bring? Yourself! Your packed lunch if you are having one, or money for a school lunch if you are in Year 3 or 4 and not entitled to free school meals. A coat if it is not very hot as we nearly always go outside to play at playtimes and lunchtimes. Bring your PE kit in as soon as you can and leave it in school. Book bags are very handy for bringing home important information from school.