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We believe the children at our school deserve to have a curriculum that extends beyond the confines of the classroom and the pages of the National Curriculum. Ofsted recognise that at Woodrow, "drama makes a considerable contribution to the curriculum", and that, "highly effective international links are used to enhance pupils' learning and cultural understanding". People come from all over the world to see how our children learn; and people ask us to travel all over the world to show their children and teachers how to learn.

Much of our work is based upon stories we create using Mantle of the Expert. Our children and teachers become members of responsible teams and work for an imagined client to solve problems. In past and present ‘fictions’ children have found a dragon with a damaged wing; helped Jack down the Beanstalk; rescued animals from a volcanic island; run a residential home for old people; designed gardens for the queen; and so much more.

Some of these stories can last for a term or more. We also use lots of drama to tell these stories. Ofsted say that our children, "listen to each other's ideas attentively and courteously" and "appreciate the way they are encouraged to ask questions and suggest their own ideas". We need lots of knowledge too as we encounter problems that need to be solved and tasks to be completed.



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