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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head teacher: Mr Richard Kieran                          

Deputy Head teacher: Miss Lisa Hinton

Key Stage Managers: Mrs Justine Marshall , Miss Lisa Hinton, Mrs Ilse Williams 

SENCO: Mrs Rebecca Hardisty 

School Business Manager: Mrs Linda Oakes

Site Manager: Mr Herve Mottet 

Class teachers:  Mrs Louise Allmark, Mrs Sue Howie, Mrs Sarah Ryall, Mr Sebastian Benney, Miss Joanne Dodds, Miss Yasmin Sleem, Ms Mary Capron-Tee, Mrs Suzanne Williams, Miss Sophie Davies, Mrs Emma Heynes

Administration Team: Mrs Lesley McPartland and Mrs Sarah Wilkes


Attendance and Pastoral Lead : Mrs Emma Taylor


Mrs Helen Bailey, Mrs Louise Paxton, Mrs Dawn Tolley, Miss Elaine Cole

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Tracy Liles

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Dawn Griffiths, Mrs Pam O'Mahoney,  Miss Kerry O'Mahoney, Mrs Sarah Ellis, Mrs Alisa Morris, Mrs Louise Chase, Mrs Debbie Smith, Mrs Rachel Matthews, Mrs Sarah Simon, Mrs Karen Griffin, Miss Aimee James,  Mrs Maxine Bridges, Mrs Berni Coldwell,  Mrs Sam Danks, Miss Amy Lowe, Ms Susie Preston,  Mrs Helen Bacon, Mrs Gemma Hirst , Mr Mark Lucas , Mrs Gemma Cowley, Miss Elizabeth Wilson

Teaching Assistant Apprentice:

Miss Chelsey Jones

Reading Champions: 

Mrs  Michelle Robinson 

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Rachel Matthews, Mrs Louise Chase, Mrs Pam O'Mahoney, Mrs Lynne Robinson, Mrs Michelle Robinson, Mrs Tracey Styles, Mrs Gemma Hirst, Mrs Dawn Griffiths, Mrs Sarah Simon, Mrs Heidi Wharton, Mrs Claire Hirst, Mrs Suzie Preston,  Mrs Helen Bacon, Mrs Julie Styling, Mrs Maxine Bridges, Mrs Berni Coldwell, Mrs Karen Griffin,  Mrs Tracie Malins,  Miss E Wilson, Miss Becky Brannan, Mrs Amanda Thompson.

Outdoor activities: Mr Mark Lucas 



Cleaning team: Mrs Lynne Robinson, Mrs Michelle Robinson, Mrs Tracey Styles, Mrs Rachel Matthews, Miss Kerry O'Mahoney,  Miss Amy Lowe

Relief Cleaning Team: 

Mrs Julie Styling and Mrs Tracie Malins