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We aim for children to develop a feel for number as soon as they start in our Nursery. Activities are planned to promote and support a recognition of numbers and shapes. Counting is an important part of early development and many opportunities are provided for this within the children’s play. At an early stage we introduce children to the idea of the whole number and the parts that make it. For example 5 is the whole, 2 and 3 are the parts.

This continues into Reception class where number can be taught as whole class, group and as individual activities. Children develop the basics behind addition and subtraction – one more than; one less than. These may be part of a story or a nursery rhyme.

As children progress into Key Stage 1 and 2 more challenging mathematical concepts are developed including place value, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. All of our mathematical teaching comes from the stated objectives of the national curriculum.

Our classrooms have focus on many tasks that are open-ended. We want children to enjoy the challenge and the dialogue of maths, and to see the many ways it can be used. There are always problems to solve. We teach many lessons as maths ‘on its own’ but always look for opportunities to include it within the context of Mantle of the Expert.

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