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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


We have 60 brilliant and enthusiastic pupils over two classes. The year 3 team is Mr Benney, Mrs Simon, Mrs Tolley, Mrs Ryall, Mrs Bailey  and Miss James.   


During the autumn term we are working as if we are a team of customs officers at an airport.  We will be finding out about Egyptians and world geography. 

Maths Curriculum

In Key Stage 2 we use the White Rose Hub Maths plans. We follow a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to learning in maths.


Reading Curriculum

In Key Stage 2 children read a whole class text and develop their reading skills by discussing the text and working on retrieval, inference, deduction, viewpoint, vocabulary and author choice challenges. This year  we have just started ''The Promise.''

We read non fiction texts as part of our Mantle work and every week we take delivery of the First News newspaper. 

Some children need extra 1:1 reading practice and do this as part of our Reading Champions programme.

Children have weekly reading homework where they read a text and answer questions on what they have read. 

Year 3 curriculum 2016-17