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Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton

Welcome to our class!

Ready, Respectful and Safe

Ready to learn! 

We have started the year well by showing we are ready to learn whilst on the carpet. We celebrated with a cookie [one of the celebrations we have chosen ourselves!] and will carry on showing this good sitting and listening. 

Listening with respect 

We are now concentrating on our listening. We stop and listen to all of the words being said.  


Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday.

Outdoor PE on Wednesday, so trainers, black shorts and white tshirt. As the weather can be chilly, tracksuits and leggings are also allowed.

Gymnastics on Friday, so black shorts and white tshirt please.


What can Year 4 do at home this term?


Every Friday children bring home reading homework which should be returned by the following Friday to be marked please. 

They have times tables homework. Children should practice times tables regularly so that they can recall the facts quickly in any order - including division eg 45 divided by 9 is 5. They can access Doodlemaths Times Tables at home and TTRockstars to help with this, but don't underestimate the power of learning them with adults at home quizzing them. 


Year 4 should learn the names of the countries in Europe and know where they are on different maps, so practicing this would be great. Also they should be able to show on a map of the UK where the countries are and a good number of major cities. They should know whereabouts Redditch is too! 


We will be learning about World War 1 as we come up to the centenary this November. Look out for details of the visit we will be making. 


We hope to watch Awful Auntie at the theatre this term [more details to follow] so if you would like to read this at home the children will probably enjoy the story even more! 

What we are learning in Year 4

What we are learning in Year 4 1 We talk positively about ourselves and others.
What we are learning in Year 4 2 We make inferences about what we read.
What we are learning in Year 4 3 We try different ways to open our stories.
What we are learning in Year 4 4 We learn Roman numerals.
What we are learning in Year 4 5 We explore the water cycle and evaporation.
You can find out about our Mantle stories here. 

Autumn term 2018

We are working as the R.I.C [Redevelopment Improvement Company]; a team who have designed and changed spaces and buildings to improve the land and the opportunities for the community. We have been contacted by a man living in France asking for help to encourage more visitors to his village which "died for France"... 


The story so far...

The story so far... 1 The team have wide ranging responsibilities.
The story so far... 2 An unusual email arrived for the team.
The story so far... 3 They translated the email.
The story so far... 4 They invented details about Pierre.
The story so far... 5 They matched maps and photographs of the area.
The story so far... 6 The soil inspection team uncovered something...
The story so far... 7 This was very unexpected.
The story so far... 8 The team began to worry about this land.

The water inspection team at work

Still image for this video
They walked through what seemed to be the remains of a trench through the woodland.