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Smarties is our school Nurture Group. It is staffed by Miss Davies, Mrs Bridges and Miss Hirst. The Nurture Group runs every morning. The Nurture group is aimed at Key Stage 1, however there maybe exceptions made to this.


In the afternoon we have a Super Smarties Nurture group. It is staffed by Miss Davies and Mrs Ellis. Super Smarties runs 4 afternoons a week Monday- Thursday. The Nurture group is aimed at KS2.


Smarties offers children, who are finding it difficult to access the curriculum, a chance to develop, explore and  learn within a smaller, safe environment.

The Nurture classroom offers a home-like environment with a kitchen area, dining area and sofas. The children are given the opportunity to develop secure and trusting relationships with the adults in the Nurture group.


The 6 Principles of Nurture

1. Children's learning is understood developmentally.

2. Classroom offers a safe base.

3. The importance of nurture for the development of well-being.

4. Language is a vital means of communication.

5. All behaviour is communication.

6. The importance of transition in the lives of children.


What might we be doing in Smarties?

  • developing our understanding of emotions

  • sharing breakfast

  • exploring the world around us

  • developing new skills

  • working and talking together

  • curriculum based activities

  • building relationships with our parents

  • cooking

  • enjoying physical play and activities

  • develop confidence and experience success within a classroom environment


Children who would benefit from spending time in Smarties are first identified by class teachers. Following a Nurture Assessment and discussions with parents, staff and our Access and Inclusion Manager children may begin a placement in Smarties lasting up to 4 terms. The children return to their mainstream classes in the afternoons.


KS1 Nurture group

Curriculum based learning activities will allow children to make  progress towards their Early Learning Goals and Year 1 curriculum targets.


Once a fortnight the children will visit the local library in Woodrow Centre. The children will have the opportunity to listen and share a story.

Swimming this term will be every Wednesday please ensure your child has their kit in school.

P.E will take place on a Tuesday.

Every Thursday morning the parents are invited to join in with activities this could include cooking, craft and curriculum activities.


KS2 Nurture group

These sessions are there to provide and allow your child to develop their social skills, enhance concentration, build relationships and boost their self-esteem. Your child will take part in confidence building activities to ensure a love for learning.

Swimming this term will be every Wednesday please ensure your child has their kit in school.

Weekly Overview of a typical week in Smarties

In Super Smarties we have been exploring space and the International Space Station. As a class we have been exploring the following questions;

What makes a good Astronaut?

Can anyone go to space?

What skills do we need to be an Astronaut?

Can you go to space if you have a disability?

What is it like on the International space station?

The children have enjoyed watching a range of video clips from Tim Peake from his time on the International Space station.

We have been exploring these questions with the help of the book wonder. This book looks in detail at a young boy that looks different to everyone else and his thoughts and feelings.  


Image result for we're all wonders


In Smarties we have been looking at different forms of transport. The children have been very creative this term with creating maps, programing beebots and creating their own bus.

The children have been a team working for a bus company in London where they have come across all sort of problems.

we have been looking at:

  • Planning routes
  • Timetables
  • Money
  • Bus tickets
  • Narrative writing who is on the bus? where are they going?
  • London/ Landmarks
  • Signs



The children have enjoyed working together to make their Big Red London Bus which takes pride of place in the classroom.


In Smarties the children could tell me that the bus needs indicators so we know where it is going. The children worked together to fix the bus' lights.


The children are helping a London bus company with all of the red buses. The children can tell you lots of different London landmarks.

Image result for the naughty bus