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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

The class teachers in Year 2 are Mrs Marshall and Mrs Howie. Mrs O' Mahoney works with both Year 2 classes over the week in classes and in the outdoor quad. Mr Tolley teaches Mrs Marshall's class all day Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoons. Mr Kieran teaches Mrs Howie's class on Tuesday afternoons.


Year 2 are supported all day by Mrs Chase and Mrs Griffiths. In the afternoons they are joined by Mrs Hirst. 


Some of the Year 2 children still access our Nurture Group, Smarties. This takes place every morning, with the children returning to their own classes in the afternoon.



This term the children will all need  a PE kit in school for both sessions. PE will be outdoor games and athletics. The PE kit is a pair of blue or black shorts and a white t-shirt. If the weather is cooler then the children may wear joggers or leggings and a jumper. They will need suitable footwear for outdoors.

Both classes will have PE  on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. 






Our Day

Phonics and Spelling

Our children take part in daily Phonics and Spelling sessions. Some children review and consolidate Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds at the beginning of the year. The others will begin the No Nonsense Spelling Programme. This looks at spelling patterns, prefixes, suffixes, plurals and so on. Those children who need it are able to access support at Phases 2-4 as necessary.

We subscribe to the Spellodrome Programme. This is an online spelling programme. The children will all have their own login details and can access this from home as well as school. The programme allows the children to practise spelling the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words from the National Curriculum as well as key words related to our Mantle work.

The children will bring home a list of spellings to practise on Mondays. These relate to the Spelling Programme. They will also have an activity to complete based on these words.



During the Autumn Term there will be a focus on 1:1 reading with an adult and we will gradually introduce guided reading sessions and some whole class reading activities. During these sessions the children will work on different skills. These include:

  • retrieving information from a picture, video clip or text
  • making inferences about how a character feels and what is happening
  • thinking about why an author made certain choices
  • looking a interesting and new vocabulary
  • decoding unfamiliar words


From the Spring Term onwards the children will read with an adult each week and they will participate in guided reading sessions twice a week. Other Literacy sessions may include whole class reading activities.

We read a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts. The children can access the school library during some lunchtimes and after school weekly with their grown ups.


All the children will have a home reader book. This is their choice and they have the responsibility for changing it when they need to. It really helps children to read at home as frequently as possible - it does make a difference!


Some children may take part in our Reading Champions programme.



We follow the White Rose Hub Maths planning.

In year 2 we focus on using concrete strategies such as Numicom and Base 10. The children will learn to use pictorial representations of problems. Both the concrete and pictorial strategies build towards the children using more abstract approaches.

We will be focussing on counting on in 2s, 5s and 10s from 0 and then any given number. This will lead into learning the multiplication facts for x2, x5, x10. Some children will progress to x3 and x4.

Once the children are ready they can take part in the Super Hero Multiplication Challenge.




In year 2 we focus on writing to entertain and writing to inform other. This includes narratives, descriptions, letters and instructions.


The children will be using the 4 sentence types defined in the Year 2 Writing Assessment Framework.

  • statements - The people stared across the rickety bridge.
  • commands - Mix the ingredients together in the bowl.
  • questions - Who had been there already?
  • exclamatory sentences - What a surprising day it had been!


We also begin to introduce more of the Alan Peat Sentence types. During the year we will begin to try improving our vocabulary using an online resource called Vocabulary Ninja.


 Much of our writing develops from our Mantle work. We also use texts as inspiration for writing.



During the Autumn term we will have a geography and science focus to our class Mantle

Our team of 'Earth Movers' will be working in the Sahara desert in the ancient city of Timbuktu.

We will be exploring the differences between our local area and Timbuktu, including human and physical features. The children will be discovering the world's continents and oceans. After all, where is Timbuktu and how do we get our equipment there?


In Science we will be exploring some everyday materials including sand, rock, clay and water. Our main scientific focus will be on making more detailed observations and sorting materials.


As part of the RE and Art  curriculum we will be looking at the religious significance of Timbuktu to the Muslim world. The children will explore the special buildings in the city and focus on the Islamic artwork found there.


During the Spring term we will have a history and geography focus to our class Mantle.

Our team of Blue Planet Divers' will be working in the Antarctic.

We will be exploring the differences between our local area and the Antarctic, including human and physical features. The children will be discovering the wreck of the Endurance, the ship of the explorer Ernest Shackleton. What happened on their expedition? Why was he an important figure in history? What remains of their ship and belongings?


In Science we will be exploring what living creatures need to survive. The children will be looking at fitness and diet. Explorers need to eat to keep their energy levels up. But what makes a good snack bar?


As Art  curriculum we will be looking at the photos taken by a member of the crew. How can we use printing techniques to create our own images of the Antarctic? The children will be mixing tints and shades to create ice images.


During the Summer term we will have a science, history and art focus to our class Mantle

Our team of craft workers will be working to create commemorative products to mark the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1. The team will be working on behalf of a horse charity to remember the many horses which served and lost their lives in the war. As the team the resources  and textiles need to sourced from around the world. What are the properties of these different materials? Which materials are best suited to each project? How can we join different materials?


As part of the Design Technology curriculum we will be looking at creating a crane to lift a horse from a ship. What sort of mechanisms are required? How can we make it strong enough?

Extra Curricular Activities

Throughout the year there are opportunities to take part in a variety of after-school clubs. Information about these is sent out when necessary. 

Supporting your child at home

Reading: The children have the opportunity to change their reading book every day. We encourage their independence in selecting a book to share at home. 



Projects: We will often send out a project for children to do at home over holidays linked with our Mantle work.