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Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage at Woodrow First School and Nursery use the ‘Educational Program’ and the ‘Development Matters’ document to plan opportunities to deliver the ‘Understanding of the World’ objectives. Inspiration for ‘science’ will also come from the Plan for Assessment document. These ideas are progressively planned to ensure that every child has plentiful experiences to think and explore like a scientist, in preparation for learning further science knowledge and working scientifically skills in Key Stage One.


Examples of key questions that are covered throughout Foundation Stage might look like this:


These objectives and key questions might be taught in a different order each academic year. We are flexible so we can:

  • support the needs of the cohort
  • strengthen our curriculum by making purposeful links with other subjects
  • enhance the Mantle of the Expert context
  • acknowledge national celebrations or events.  


Key questions may be the same in Nursery and Reception, but concepts are built upon through questioning and vocabulary.


By the end of Reception, we aspire for every child to achieve the relevant Early Learning Goals for ‘Understanding the World’.



Humans Autumn Term 2023


Nursery have been engaged in a variety of learning in class linked to humans. They have been naming body parts, learning about themselves and how their bodies can stay healthy and active.

Changing Seasons-Autumn and Spring Term 2023-2024


Spring Term 2024

Changing Materials

Nursery have been combining their learning of Autumn and Winter to complete a sorting activity in class. The children have created an Autumn wood and Winter wood this year learning about seasons and different habitats for different animals. Today they used their knowledge and understanding of the world around them to sort Arctic animals and woodland animals. 

Nursery-Spring and Plants