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2021 Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton's class 4A

The class will be taught by Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton for 2 1/2 days each. Mrs Hirst will be in class all week, Mrs Smith for 4 days and Mrs Robinson will be in and out all week! 

The children will have their own morning playtime each day.

They will eat their lunch in the school hall. Children eligible for a free school dinner will be able to order a school lunch with their teacher in the morning. Hot lunches for children not eligible for a free dinner may be paid for in advance online via Parent Pay and the child needs to order with their teacher in the morning. 

Each child has their own pencil case with the stationery they need for the day. Other equipment which needs to be shared will be cleaned regularly. 

PE kit can be worn all day on PE days - Summer second half is Monday - multiskills and tennis on Tuesdays.  

Children will have to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

when they come in to school

before and after playtime 

before and after lunchtime
after any coughs or sneezes

after any “messy” activity

before they leave school 

Mantle of the Expert 

Autumn 2021

We are Global Rehomers and the Intergalactic Space Agency have sent us a message from another planet. We have to decide whether we want to respond. 

We are concerned that these beings look to scary for Earth and we are also unsure whether this planet will be able to feed them appropriately. We have lots of questions…

We know that we have to use technology to communicate safely during this commission, so out of our Mantle story we are to "Be Internet Legends" with the Google programme. 


We received a Wildlife Safety Award for our work with pine martens. We rehomed 18 from the Cairngorms in Scotland to The Forest of Dean. This is having a positive impact on the habitat as pine martens are predators of grey squirrels. The number of grey squirrels is decreasing so there is less damage done by them to the bark of the oak, beech and pine trees. It also means that red squirrels are able to live more easily in the area as they are not competing with so many great squirrels for food and they are not catching the deadly disease from the grey squirrels.  

We read "The Barnabus Project" by The Fan Brothers and created a cityscape with watercolour paint. We decided to locate our Global Rehomers office there in Scotland. After learning about the highlands and the lowlands, we decided that the city of West Metropolis would be in central Scotland where a lot of the big cities are. 


We read "The Journey" by Francesca Sanna. The people on the boat told each other stories of sea monsters so we invented our own. 

A sea monster story

Look out for our happier stories of fairies and magic spells in the forest, also inspired by The Journey...