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Mantle at Woodrow

We are a  Mantle of the Expert Training School

Luke Abbott, Director and National Training Programme, says of Woodrow First School and Nursery,

"My take on the skills of your teachers in MoE practices is that they are some of the most skilled around."

We have many visitors including some all the way from Palestine and America. You are welcome to join us on one of our study days or workshops.

"The children at Woodrow show their learning in every conversation."

"The staff are warm are friendly and keen to share. They enthuse everyone. The school is buzzing."

"The teachers are able to speak in detail and with experience -  of Mantle in practice, the planning and the amazing outcomes."

"It was brilliant to hear the children state they had been deep sea diving during the morning."

Underwater explorers, Space Engineers, Dragon Rescuers, Heirhunters, Canine Carers, Superheroes, Toy Restorers...

If you wonder how our children become these responsible teams, enjoy learning and achieve through inquiry and drama, find out more by visiting us and from the links below. Also take a look on the website for more details.

Our Study Days include a workshop with one of the team of national trainers for Mantle of the Expert:! 


Weaving reading and drama to improve children’s writing - read about our work with David Barclay

Much of the children’s learning in Mantle of the Expert is captured in photographs, videos, discussions, collaborative tasks and shared outcomes which are displayed on the wall of the classroom - telling the co constructed story of the Mantle. 
However, some outcomes are put into individual Mantle books. “Work” may have been completed in or out of the fiction. It may have been done in the book or added later. Some notes and sketches etc may be collated in “pockets” in the book (thank you Priory Church School Breacon for the idea). 


Have a look at some examples below: 

What’s in our Year 1 Mantle books?

What’s in our Reception Mantle books?

What’s in our KS1 Nurture Group books?

Look at what our children are saying about their Mantle work.

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You might notice it’s Children In Need day!!

Volcanologists of the future!

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Year 3 Data Expert

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Sorry about the background sound!!

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Year 1 penguin expert

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More from Year 1

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Year 4

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