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Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton



This Year 4 Bubble will be taught by Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton for 2 1/2 days each. Mrs Smith will work with them for 4 days and Mrs Robinson will be in and out all week! This year we are very pleased to also be joined by Miss Andrews who is a student teacher. 

The children will have their own morning playtime each day.

They will eat their lunch in their classroom - PACKED LUNCHES ONLY. Children eligible for a free school dinner will be able to order a school lunch. 

Each child has their own pencil case with the stationery they need for the day. Other equipment which needs to be shared will be cleaned each day. 

PE kit can be worn all day on PE days - Summer first half is Monday [swimming], Tuesday [rugby] and Thursday [gymnastics and then dance indoors]

Children will have to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

when they come in to school

before and after playtime 

before and after lunchtime
after any coughs or sneezes

after any “messy” activity

before they leave school 

What did we learn from March 8th? 

From Easter we will do as much of learning as we can through our new Mantle - "The Stoney Bywell Curators". This will mean that the children have lots of opportunities to talk, share ideas, read, write and create artwork and artefacts in a safe imaginary story context - as well as come back together with their friends, collaborate and feel confident about themselves as a learner. 

Our maths work will focus on fractions and the children being secure with this important concept, so we will be starting right from the beginning and taking steady steps whilst providing support and challenge as needed. 

You will notice that we will be doing three lots of PE as we believe that physical activity will keep mental tiredness at bay and help the children to rebuild their stamina. This will turn change to two sessions for the summer term plus lots of running around the track! 


We will also be getting involved with RSA4 again this year and the children will be creating a Social Action Project on something they want to see change in their community. Watch this space! 

Back to school, back together #teamwoodrow

What did we learn in the Autumn term? 
We started the year by reading “Here We Are - Notes For Living On Planet Earth” by Oliver Jeffers. This created lots of opportunities to try to make sense of life since Covid 19 and to settle back in to being together as a class. 


This led in to a Mantle where we worked as if we are a rehabilitation team - we travelled to Romania in our story to help rehabilitate a child who had been found living alone in a forest. We did lots of science to help the child and learned all about our skeleton, muscles, teeth and the digestive system. 
Away from the story we also learned about sound because  a different patient couldn’t hear very well. 


We also tried something new for us - a commission from the Black Country Museum - where we had a real life client! Tom at the museum asked us to evaluate their History at Home resources as he wanted the. To be more child friendly. Along the way we learnt about how the Midlands has changed because of the Industrial Revolution.  

We read “The Dancing Bear” by Michael Morpurgo and started to learn how to summarise what we have read. 
We learned how to add and subtract 4 digit numbers; how to read and make different charts and graphs in statistics; how to work out the perimeter of shapes and improved our times tables knowledge. 


Our PE was athletics, hockey and gymnastics.