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Story Time with Woodflix


Watch and listen to some great stories!

The Runaway TARDIS

Miss Capron-Tee gets dressed up in her Doctor Who stuff to tell this story.

Not A Stick with Miss Wilson

Hello everyone - we can still enjoy a story together even though we're not in the classroom. We hope you like listening to it. 🙂

Why An Elephant Has A Trunk

Hope you enjoy. From Mrs Chase Xx

Mr Wolf's pancakes

How are you feeling today?

Mrs Bridges reading how are you feeling today? Can you tell a grown up how you are feeling?

Each Peach Pear Plum


Chocolate Cake

How Many Legs

My Shadow is Pink

Yes We Can!

Hope you enjoy the story.Miss you all.Love from Mrs O'Mahoney

The Best-Loved Bear

I hope you love the story.Love from Mrs Griffin.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The Three Little Pigs

The Bears in the Bed


The Rescue Party

The stickman

Baby Brains

The Bear and the Piano

The Smartest Giant in Town

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Fancy Dress Jungle

The Little Red Hen Story

Monkey Puzzle

Mrs Matthews reads a story

No Matter What

Puss in Boots

Stanley's Stick

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud

Miss Hirst reads a lovely story.

25 May 2020

A rhyming story with Mrs Bailey.

Lost and Found

This story was a favorite with Year 1's and we used it in our Mantle story. Hope you enjoy it!

Katie Morag delivers the mail

Story time with Mrs Howie

Emily Brown and the Thing

Story time with Mrs Howie

Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers

Mrs Allmark's favourite story!

No Surf, No Problem

A Mr Benney production #TeamWoodrow

No Surf, No Problem 'How To...'

A video explaining how to make your own stop motion film.

Hairy Maclary's Rumpus at the Vet

Mrs Ryall reads a favourite story.

The Great Fire of London

Mrs Ryall and Molly have been busy making an iMovie to tell the story of the Great Fire of London!

The Gruffalo's Child

Enjoy the follow up to The Gruffalo with Miss Hirst.

The Gruffalo

Miss Hirst reads a much-loved story!

Podkin story - Chapter 2, part 1

Podkin One Ear story for KS2

You're Called What?

Storytime with Mrs Ryall and her daughter!

Revolting rhymes Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs Howie's favourite!

The Three Little Pigs

Video from Mrs Williams

Mrs Paxton reads Penguin

Penguin By Polly Dunbar

Storytime with the Marshalls (The Rattletrap Car)

Mrs Marshall has some big helpers for her story time!

Zog and the flying doctors by Mrs Howie

Story time with cat audience

Diary of a Wombat

Miss Capron-Tee reads this delightful story