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Miss Davies

We have been exploring the outside area thinking about what is a forest and comparing it to other places you can visit. We have been comparing the countryside and the seaside. We now know that there isn’t any sand in the forest. 

We have gone into role as Guardians of the Forest and thinking about the different jobs we can do. We have been looking after animals, chopping down trees and fixing the path. 

We have been send an e-mail from someone that has found an animal on the path. It had scaly skin, cold to the touch and no visible ears. We used our knowledge of animal classification to classify this animal. We thought this animal was a reptile. We wrote to the Animal Heroes to tell them about the animal and if they could take it to look after for us. 


In Mantle we are the Guardians of the Forest, our job is to look after the forest and all that lives there. We have set up cameras in the forest and found an unusual animal. It had 4 legs like a horse and the body of a human. We did some research and found out it was a Centaur.
We found the centaur in the forest by following his footprints. The centaur was hurt and needed our help! The Guardians of the Forest are believers and they only ones who can see in the Centaur in the forest, he has not been happy with the rubbish that has been left in the forest from Remembrance Day and bonfire night. 

There was a remembrance parade to remember all the animals that lost their lives during the war. Instead of red poppies we wear purple poppies. The team had an amazing time but…….

The centaur was not happy with the team, after the parade lots of people have left all their rubbish behind this happened previously on bonfire night. The team have made a map of the Forest and made sure there are lots of bins. 

We wanted to tell the Centaur that we have cleaned the forest and added new bins. We follow some footprints to find the Centaur. We found fox, rabbit and owl footprints. We also found some animal poo and looked at what the animals had been eating. We did find one poo that was mysterious and didn’t know what kind of animal it belonged to. 

We found a magical wolf he was using his senses and found that the tree of knowledge was sick. Our team went to investigate. 

On closer inspection the tree of knowledge had lots of coins knocked into the trunk. People believe that this is good luck. What they didn’t realise is that it was making the tree very ill. 

The team had an idea to create pockets that can go around the tree for people to place their coins into.