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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 

Year 1 has two classes, Mrs Ryall's class and Mrs Paxton's class. 

We are also very lucky to have Miss Sleem, who works across both classes on a Thursday and Friday. 


Year 1 is so much fun!  Children are provided opportunities to explore and build on the work already completed in Reception.


The children start to learn subjects through our motivating cross curricular Mantle stories. Children learn to use their growing skills as independent learners to ask questions, take risks and above all think big!  


At first, we apply these skills through continuous provision, embedding our skills independently or through adult directed sessions. Our learning will become more formal throughout the year, but we still offer lots of opportunities to learn through play.



Other Adults in Year 1

P.E. in the Summer Term


Our P.E. days have change!

We will NOT have swimming in the Summer term.


Our P.E. sessions this term are Yoga and Games. 


Mrs Paxton's class have indoor P.E (Yoga) on a Monday and outdoor P.E. (Games) on a Tuesday.


Mrs Ryall's class have outdoor P.E. (Games) on a Monday and indoor P.E. (Yoga) on a Thursday.


(PE kit - School joggers and hoody or black joggers/leggings, white T-shirt, jumper and pumps or trainers. If it is warm the children can come in their black shorts.)



In our Mantle this term we are a team of story seekers.  We look into the history of our clients and find out about their lives as well as their experiences.   


Our first commission is to put together a book or fact file about the Queen in preparation for her Platinum jubilee this year.  The finished product will be shared with our younger children, in Foundation stage, so that they have the information they need to understand this history reign.


As a result of this, the team are then approached by ordinary families to use their historical skills and knowledge to find out their relatives stories; so that their memories live on.  The findings will then be displayed in a ‘living museum’


In Year 1 children take part in a high quality phonics lesson each day for 30 minutes.  Phonics is a vital part to teaching children to read.  Our phonics sessions enable our children to learn new words independently and read more confidently. It gives children a foundation for learning new words, adding to the words they already know.  


Children nationally take the Year 1 phonics assessment in June each year and results are reported to parents in their child’s Annual Report. The phonics test is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard.  


What are Book Bands?

The Book Band system helps us to grade our books by difficulty level. Each level has its own colour or code and includes a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Each book will contain letters and sounds that the children can identify as these would have been covered in previous phonic sessions or more recently been introduced. 


These books will also contain common exception words, words that can not be sounded out, that children recognise or new words introduced recently.  


The difference between each band is gradual so that children will not experience difficulty when moving from one to the next. 





Maths in Year 1 is very exciting!  We use a Mastery approach, which not only provides the children with a wide range of skills, but also allows them to explore and develop a deeper understanding of number.  


Using visual resources, we are able to build up our NUMBER SENSE and use it to explain, describe and explore our maths work. 


We use Numicon, counters, pictures and number cards to help us to learn that numbers are amounts as well as written shapes.  We learn our number bonds so that we know that if we have 6, we need to find 4 more to make 10, and apply this in lots of different ways.







We are developing our writing techniques with a wide range of skills, that allows our children to create their own master pieces, in a modelled and well constructed way.  Using a simple narrative structure, focusing on who, what, where and when, our children can successfully create sequenced sentences to form short narratives.  Already in Year 1, the children are starting to produce some great pieces of writing!


We also need to look at the small parts of our writing too – such as common exception words, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  It is important for us to recognise it in the world around us, as well as learn WHY we need to use them and what happens to our work if we don’t!

Our Long Term and Medium Term Plans



COOL Time stands for: Continuing Our Own Learning.  These sessions are available to the children throughout the week, using our outdoor quad area.  It is a time where the children are provided with activities and tasks that develop new skills and knowledge on an on-going basis.


COOL Time promotes self-initiative activities and encourages our children to take on challenges and risks in a safe environment.  Through active exploration and investigation children independently participate in the process of learning. This process motivates the children and enhances their personal, social, physical and intellectual development.