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Sing and dance the days away!

Woodrow Together in Electric Dreams

The awesome Woodrow Virtual Choir does it again with another amazing collaboration!

One and a Million Tutorial

If you learn the song, post a video of yourself singing along on our Facebook page!

Love Shine a Light

Let our love shine a light on every corner of the world. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Rainbow Connection

Thank you to everyone who joined in with our latest video, bringing us all together with rainbows - together apart. #TeamWoodrow

Woodrow staff perform 5 6 7 8

Join us all with this Steps classic! As always, an enormous thank you to all the staff sending in clips for this - you are all AMAZING!

Woodrow Virtual Choir performs A Thousand Years

The Woodrow Virtual Choir presents their second collaboration! Another HUGE thanks to everyone who has taken part in this, it was an absolute joy to put toge...

Is this the way to Amarillo

Hugest thanks to everyone who has taken part in this video - you're all awesome!

Woodrow Virtual Choir

Bringing our school community together through music. Thank you EVERYONE who took part in this!




I Will Social Distance


Miss Capron-Tee continues with her battle to find a way to share her silly song. Will she succeed? Will we all social distance? Click the link to find out...





Mrs Ryall and Molly perform the Spring Chicken song

Join in with this great version of a really fun song!

Miss O'Mahoney's first ever tik tok

Hey everybody. Missing you all loads but hope you are all keeping safe at home. I'm guessing alot of you have heard of tik tok as its the next craze so thoug...

Hello from Mrs Tolley

Greetings and a little song from Mrs Tolley's garden!