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Year 2

Welcome to our future Year 2 children and families!


We are really looking forward to you joining us in Year 2 in September.

Below you can see the Year 2 team.

Here are the teaching staff:


Here are our support staff


Some children might access our new Year 2 Pod with

Some Year 2 children will be part our Nurture Group, Smarties, with

You might want to know where to find our classrooms.

Miss Dodd's class, 2A is by the huts near KS1's playground.

Mrs Marshall's class, 2B is by the KS1 trim trail.

We will let you more about next year later on. Enjoy the rest of your time in Year 1 and we will see you in September.

PE Days from Monday 7th June


Both classes have PE on Monday and Thursday afternoons. One will be indoors and one will be outdoors.

Please come to school in your outdoor PE kits on both days.

(School joggers and hoody or black joggers/leggings, white T-shirt and jumper) If it is hot the children can come in their black shorts and have a cap.



What has been going on since we returned to school?

The Titanic

Staggered Arrival and Pick Up Times


Make sure you know and stick to your time please.

Make sure that you know and stick to your time please.


These will be just like they were in the Autumn Term.

All children in Year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School meals, so they can have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch from home. 


The menus are below.

Please note: We will be on week 3 starting Monday 8th March.

Books and Book Bags

Please bring any reading books back to school, so that we can quarantine them.

We will be issuing new books during the first week back


Christmas breakfast with Smarties over Teams

Our Curriculum


Welcome to Year 2!

Our Bubbles

We have two Year 2 bubbles.

2A will be taught by Miss Dodds. Miss Cole will teach them on Wednesday afternoons. She will also be working across both Year 2 bubbles during the week. Mrs Chase will work with them every day.   

2B will be taught by Mrs Marshall. Miss Cole will teach them on Thursdays and on Friday morning. Mrs Griffiths will work with them every day.


A few of our Year 2 children will be part of the Smarties Nurture Group bubble. These children will be part of the Smarties bubble all day as children cannot move between bubbles.

Playtimes and Lunchtimes

You will see that the Key Stage 1 playground has been divided into 2 areas. The year 2 children will have their morning playtime each day at the same time, but each bubble will have their own part of the playground to play in. This will be the same at lunch time.


Our year 2 bubbles will eat their lunch in the hall. All year 2 children are eligible for universal free school meals. This means that they can all have a hot lunch if you would like them to. If not, then the children should bring their own packed lunch.  


Looking after ourselves and others

The children keep their own writing and drawing equipment in their own pots. Any other equipment which needs to be shared will be cleaned each day. 


On our PE days the children should come to school in their kit. They will wear it all day. As PE needs to be outside as much as possible, they need to wear black jogging bottoms or leggings, white PE t-shirt, warm jumper and trainers or pumps. A school PE kit of joggers and hoody can be purchased from school. 

The PE days will be displayed on the classroom windows.


Children will have to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds:

when they come in to school

before and after playtime 

before and after lunchtime
after any coughs or sneezes

after any “messy” activity

before they leave school


What will we be learning in the Autumn Term? 
As a school we all began the new year by reading “Here We Are - Notes For Living On Planet Earth” by Oliver Jeffers. This is a fantastic book looking at our planet and everything on it. It was a great way to think about life as it is now with Covid-19 and to help us to think about how we can still get along with each other safely. 


Our Day

Phonics and Spelling

We have daily Phonics and Spelling sessions. A small number of our children will still access Phase 2,3 and 4 of Letters and Sounds. For the majority of our children, we will begin by revisiting Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds from the Year 1 curriculum and then progress to using the No Nonsense Spelling Programme. This looks at spelling patterns, prefixes, suffixes, plurals and so on.


We have subscribed to an online Spelling Programme called 'Spelling Shed'. The children will all have their own login details and will be able to access this from home as well as school.  


On Mondays the children will bring home a list of spellings to practise at home. These words will contain the phoneme or spelling pattern being taught that week.



During the Autumn Term we will focus on individual reading. We will use some whole class reading and guided reading continues to be introduced . During these sessions the children will work on different skills. These include:

  • retrieving information from a picture, video clip or text
  • making inferences about how a character feels and what is happening
  • thinking about why an author made certain choices
  • looking at interesting and new vocabulary
  • decoding unfamiliar words
    We read a selection of fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts.
    We access  a selection of books from the school library weekly.
    The children have their own reading books and a reading record card for you to sign. To avoid continually passing reading diaries from home to school and back again we will be keeping a reading diary of comments in school.
    The children  have the responsibility for changing their book when they need to.
    It really helps children if they can read at home frequently – it does make a difference!
    During the Spring term we hope that some of our children will take part in our Reading Champions programme. This works on the children's pace and fluency. They have three 20 minute sessions per week.
    During the Autumn Term we looked at a variety of books based around the theme of houses and homes. We also shared a number of books by the author Oliver Jeffers.

        During the Spring term we will be looking at texts, poems and extracts based on giants.


We follow planning from the 'White Rose Hub' and the 'National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics' (NCETM). 
Over the Autumn term we have been looking at place value in digit numbers, adding on in 10s and 1s, comparing numbers and using coins. 

Everyday we have a 5 minute mental maths quiz. Some children are practising number bonds within 10 or 20. Some are adding in multiples of 10. Others are practising multiplication facts from the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
Our children can also use their 'Spelling Shed' logins to access 'Maths Shed'. There are challenges here to help practise the number facts and times tables.
In Year 2 we focus on writing to entertain and writing to inform others. This includes narratives, descriptions, letters and instructions.
Much of our writing develops from our Mantle work. We also use texts as inspiration for writing.

Everyday we have either a handwriting session or a sentence writing challenge.
During the Autumn Term we have been working as a team of people who rehome animals whose habitats have been destroyed. We have needed to find out about different habitats and food chains. We are finding out about how human activity can impact the environment too.  When one of our tracking cameras was moved we noticed some unusual things. The shadow of a figure moving around, the sound of glass clinking and  many many jars stacked on shelves. The jars seem to contain things which were once alive, have never been alive and living now. Many we recognised, but at the very top there were jars containing the most unusual and unexpected creatures we have ever seen.  The team have some investigating to do after the holiday!
Miss Cole was focusing on PSHE, RE and DT over the first half term. The children were exploring how we can be a good friends to each other and how communities can support each other. They also explored how to make moving mechanisms such as levers and sliders.

Over the second half term the children have been looking at the creation story with Miss and they are creating e-books retelling the story.
Most children will have weekly spellings to learn. These are given out on a Monday and there will be a quiz on a Friday.

Supporting your child at home
Reading: The children have the opportunity to change their reading book every day. Please be patient during the first half term while we establish a safe procedure to change books within the school day. We encourage their independence in selecting a book to share at home. 
 It is really helpful if the children can spend a few minutes every day practising their spellings and number facts. Spelling Shed and Maths Shed are great for this. They can both be accessed for free on the internet.
During the autumn term we have been investigating materials. In Year 1 they had looked at properties of materials. We have been investigating which materials are most suitable for a task and why they are suitable. Our Mantle is incorporating many of our science objectives around habitats and food chains.
On PE days children will need to wear their PE kit to come to school. 
This includes on swimming days.

The equipment used will be limited. It will cleaned down thoroughly before and after the session.