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Mantle 2022 - 2023

Autumn Term 2022- 2023

Team of Town Planners


This term Reception became a team of town planners. They were commissioned by the council to create a town that had all of the things the people who lived there needed. Through our mantle we were able to learn about our town and the building and service we need to keep up happy, healthy and safe. The children look at all of the different places and people who worked and lived in the town to inform their planning while working within the team. The children were able to then create their own town map. 


Spring Term 2022 - 2023

Team of Plumbers


In the Spring term the children continued to look at the town they had created. We zoomed into the street and started to explore the different people who lived there. We noticed how each family was different and even celebrated Chinese New Year with one of the families who lived on the street. As the winter got colder one of the families at number 26 had a problem. They had no water and a new born baby, the plumbers were called!


The plumbers worked very hard exploring all of the pipes in the house, as the temperature went below freezing the pipes began to freeze. The plumbers were working as quickly as they could to keep the house warm. They had some good ideas for the family and made sure they were looked after. They even recommended a recipe for a warm vegetable soup! 


After lots of experimenting the plumbers came up with the perfect solution to fix the pipes and they also decided on the best material to cover the pipes in to keep the family warm. Great job plumbers!

Summer Term

Team of The Kings Courtiers


We were commissioned to support the King during his coronation. As we did such a good job preparing him for the special day we were invited to accompany him on his world tour.

The King had selected a few special places for us to visit. This included Wales, London, Paris and the Amazon rainforest.


As the team of courtiers it was our job to plan the route and best way to get to each place. We needed to make sure the route was mapped out and that we had chosen the best type of transport to get to each place. Some places were further than others! We also needed to pack the right clothes and make sure we had our tickets and passports to make our journey.


When we arrived in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil we were sent on a trek to find the blue Morpho butterfly. We had to look carefully to find any trace. We searched everyday spotting some little changes in the rainforest, some days lots of eggs, then caterpillars until we saw lots of chrysalis and eventually big beautiful butterflies. The king was so pleased.


Our final stop is a trip to Kenya to meet a family that is very close to the King.