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Computing at Woodrow 

We use Teach Computing to support learning and teaching in this area. 


We believe that students deserve a computing curriculum which prepares them for the digital and fast paced world they live in. 

All pupils in school have access to ambitious, informative and relevant lessons irrespective of background and prior experience, ensuring equity of opportunity and enabling them to become lifelong learners.  

We want pupils to be secure and safe computational thinkers. 



At Woodrow we base our curriculum on Teach Computing to ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject. The order in which we teach the units in a year is not prescribed, other than to ensure all units are covered. The Woodrow computing curriculum is based on a learning progression from year 1 to year 4. Teachers break up the content as they see fit and use it discreetly as well as applied in other curriculum work so that knowledge is remembered and skills are embedded.

Early Years we value the importance of technology and activities are based around problem solving skills. Children use role play to explore technology in the everyday world preparing them for transitioning to the next stage of their learning.

The Woodrow Way

Long term plan

The following document illustrates the progression of skills in Computing across the year groups at Woodrow.

Progression in computing