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Mantle of the Expert

Mantle of the Expert at Woodrow 
Much of our work is based upon stories we create using an approach called Mantle of the Expert (see Our children and teachers become members of responsible teams and work for an imagined client to solve problems and complete commissions.  In past and present ‘fictions’ children have met the challenges of desertification in Timbuktu; been rail engineers; made honey as a team of bees; been a team of re-wilders in Scotland and Canada ; transported Viking artefacts; designed gardens for the Queen; helped to find and re-home Lost Things and so much more. We never repeat a ‘Mantle’ but maintain the same curriculum intentions.

Ofsted (Dec 19) recognise that the school is “tenacious in seeking out creative approaches that engage pupils in ’real life’ learning situations. You and your staff have designed a curriculum approach that uses drama and imaginary experiences to ‘hook’ pupils into learning.” Our work on curriculum design is “highly regarded, and this has had a very positive effect on raising aspirations in the community.” People come from all over the world to see how our children learn; and people ask us to travel all over the world to show their children and teachers how they can learn by telling stories together.

Why is Mantle at the heart of our curriculum?

Mantle of the Expert Learning Overviews