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Mrs Ryall



In our Mantle, in the Autumn term, we were a team guardians who protected an Enchanted forest.  We ensured that all that inhabit or enter the forest were environmentally friendly so that we could achieve and maintain equilibrium.


We worked for an Enchantress, called Hornbeam, who is concerned about the animals and characters that live in the enchanted forest.  They are being affected by the humans!  Hornbeam has requested the help of a responsible team of guardians who will protect the Enchanted forest and ensure that the forest thrives again. 


The Guardians were in charge of maintaining the habitats and planting more trees, as many trees have been cut down by humans.  We worked alongside all the creatures and characters that live in the forest and we were the only link between them and the humans.   


We successfully kept the magic of the forest alive!