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Treasure Chest



Welcome to the fabled treasure chest of Woodrow!

Inside are treats and delights beyond your wildest imagination!

Well, they’re quite good, anyway...




To reach level 2 you need…

When you reach LEVEL 2…

You can choose 2 bonuses.




To reach level 3, you need….

When you reach LEVEL 3…

You can choose 3 bonuses!




To reach level 4 you need...

When you reach LEVEL 4...

You can choose 4 bonuses.




To reach level 5 you need...

When you reach LEVEL 5...

You can choose 5 bonuses!





To attain the level of LEGEND you need...

If you become a LEGEND...

you can choose 6 bonuses!

And only legends can choose the legend only bonuses!







  • Stay up half an hour past your normal bedtime one night.
  • Facetime with a friend.
  • 30 minutes of extra screen time.
  • Picnic dinner on the floor in front of the TV
  • An extra big cuddle.
  • 10 high fives (or fist bumps) in a row.
  • Water fight outside (with water pistols, or sponges and bucket of water, or however you want to do it as long as it is safe!)
  • Someone else at home has to be your slave for half an hour.
  • Extra snack.
  • Camp out in the living room one night.
  • Roll a dice, multiply the number by 2 and get that many XP free! (If you roll 6, you get 12 XP, if you roll 5 you get 10 XP and so on.)
  • Everyone has to say something nice about you.
  • Choose what someone else you live with has to wear for the day (don’t be too cruel!)
  • Movie night – you get to choose the movie and the snacks!
  • A day off doing school work!
  • Tickle time for 5 minutes!
  • NEWMoon watching in your pyjamas – on a nice night, get your pyjamas on and go outside somewhere safe with an adult to watch the moon and the stars. You could put a blanket on the ground and lie down to make it even nicer (look up some of the easier constellations online first to see if you can spot them, like Orion!)
  • NEWDancing in the rain – next time there is rain, you get to go outside somewhere safe with an adult and dance in the rain (especially nice if followed with a lovely hot chocolate!)
  • LEGEND ONLY! House party – put on your party clothes, dance to some music, make some decorations, maybe even have a little party food if you are lucky!
  • LEGEND ONLY! Ruler of the house day – you get to be in charge of home for the day! Boss people about, choose the meals, choose what to watch, choose what to play… (but don’t be mean, they might stage a revolution and overthrow you!)
  • LEGEND ONLY! Home adventure – pack a bag with a picnic and go on an adventure in your home (and garden if you have access to one). Each room is a different land. The lounge could be a volcano with lava on the floor and you have to cross with cushions. The kitchen could be the ocean where you go deep sea diving (you could even make biscuit fish to discover!) The hall and stairs could be the mountains – help your fellow adventurers climb the highest mountain of all, but make sure you have safety ropes. Your bedroom could be a city in the clouds where you can lie on the soft clouds and look down at the world below (but don’t fall off!). The bathroom could be an underground cave – what strange creatures will you discover? You could make them from junk modelling materials, or draw them and get someone to hide them for you to discover. The garden could be the land of dragons where you have to hide from the fire breathing creatures – take it in turns to be dragons and adventurers, if a dragon touches you, you have been caught in their fire breath and swap roles! You could make a map of every land you visit to warn future adventurers of dangers!





When you level up, you get a certificate.

You can print them out, or screenshot on a phone and edit to add your name.

Alternatively, you can make your own on paper.



Level 2 certificate


Level 3 certificate




Level 4 certificate


Level 5 certificate







Caitlin has enjoyed her two bonuses from levelling up this week. 

Who else will join her?


Caitlin has been living room camping again, and also had fun choosing her mum's outfit and having a slave!


Dylan has chosen to stay up for an extra half hour, rolled a dice to get no less than 12 free XP, and is having a camp out in the lounge this weekend - have fun, Dylan!