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Below are the previous maths home learning activities and videos. You can revisit these activities at any time, even if you have done them before. We will update the activities as the learning moves on. 

Ladybird Matching activity

Roll the die and draw the right number of spots on one half of your ladybird. Can you draw the same number of spots on the other side to make them the same?

Positional language



Watch this video about 'more'


Sing these number songs - CBeebies - BBC


Look at the pictures below. Who has more?

Who has more?

Who has more?

28 January 2021

Length finding things longer and shorter than footprint. This is a Reception activity but Nursery can have a try too.

Find the golden egg with Mrs Williams

Can you find the golden egg? Where is it hiding? Use your words to tell Mrs Williams or one of your grown ups.

28 January 2021

5 little Elephants

Maths Game

[IVOR] Bud's Number Garden (

Have a look at Buds Garden on cbbc.

Play the flower garden game which will focus on ordering numbers. Don’t worry if your child struggles with this, the song and visually seeing the numbers will support their understanding.

Sock matching

Lid hunt video 1

Lid video 2

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Shape Hunt

Comparing Amounts