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Mrs Ryall

We sorted animals into groups. We found out all about mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and reptiles. We know that we are mammals because we are warm-blooded have hair and our babies are not hatched from eggs!

Sorting animals into groups

Measuring animals

We used non-standard measures such as cubes, pasta pieces and paper clips to measure a variety of small animals. Our measuring had to be accurate and we remembered not to leave spaces between the things we were using to measure.

Building cages

We worked in teams to build cages to keep the animals in. It was quite tricky to make the pieces stick together but we persevered.

One day we received our first commission. A lady in Africa contacted us from her reptile sanctuary. She was having trouble with her animals. Her tortoise in particular was not well. We decided that we would travel to Africa to use our expertise to help her.

Our trip to Africa

When we arrived we headed straight to the reptile park. We didn't like what we saw- the animals were being kept in very small enclosures, weren't being fed the right kind of food and the wrong animals were being kept together.

We set about trying to help the owner to sort it out. We moved the animals into the right places, put up signs asking people not to feed the animals and signs warning that some of the animals might be dangerous.


Sorting out the reptile park