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Welcome to a brand new channel: WoodFlix!


The adults in school are busy producing a variety of different videos for you to enjoy. 

We hear the BBC and Netflix are interested in a few of the more talented staff wink

The Masked Swinger

Can you guess who the adults from school are behind the masks?

Tin foil boat float competition

Which boat will hold the most?

Paper airplane competition

Tour de Malvern

A message from Mrs Coldwell

Mrs Bailey's Reception Mantle video number 1

Can you help Mrs Bailey finish the Lost and Found teams story?
Watch this video before number 2.

Mrs Bailey's Reception Mantle video number 2

Can you make shadow pictures like the Fairy Kings magic cloak? Have fun exploring shadows!
Watch this video after you have watched number 1.

A message from the big bear!

Miss Dodds & Peggy :)

Peggy's first trip outside (and a quick run up the curtains!)

Windy day in Mrs Howie's catio.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Masterchef episode 2 with Miss Sleem

Cooking featuring excited Pippa squeals!

Masterchef with Mrs Paxton!

Here's an easy Banana muffin recipe you might like to try. You will need: 3 ripe bananas 100g of unsalted butter (melted) 150g of self rasing flour 150g of c...

Hello from Mr Benney

Hi guys!

Message from Mrs Bailey

Greetings and a little poem. Can you guess what the answer is?

Hello from Mrs Heynes (and Edie!)

Week 1 message from Mrs Heynes.

Hello from Mrs Allmark

A riddle from Mrs Allmark and a joke from Finn!

News and Views

The world's newest and favourite You Tuber is back!