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We believe the children at our school deserve to have a curriculum that extends beyond the confines of the classroom and the pages of the National Curriculum. At Woodrow we have an underlying mantra – “What more can we do for our children?” – this permeates their education from the moment they start at Nursery and when they arrive at school each day. Therefore our intent is to constantly develop a curriculum that will prepare them for the next stage of their education; provide opportunities that will be memorable and stimulate curiosity.



Children go on visits to places locally and beyond; we talk to interesting people from all over the world (sometimes in school and sometimes on Zoom). We also work on commissions like social action projects which support our local community in Redditch.




At Woodrow we care, we share and we learn together. The children are part of a community that does its utmost to get on purposefully and respectfully.


We provide many rich and varied contexts and approaches to learning where children might use their imagination; learn from narratives and inquiry or challenge with questions so that there is a breadth and depth to their knowledge and understanding.  To fully facilitate the highest quality approach to the teaching and learning at Woodrow, we fully embrace the pedagogical approach - Mantle of the Expert. Through research and evidence-based study we concluded that this strategy has enabled our pupils to receive not only a broad and balanced curriculum, but an exciting one that brings language, experience and co-operation to the fore. Much of our work is based upon stories we create using this approach (see

Key Knowledge and skills 

A carefully constructed curriculum has been designed in all subjects to ensure children meet end points wanting to learn more and know more in the next phase of their education.

In Key Stage 1 and 2 the foundation subjects are taught through a mixture of two approaches - Mantle of the Expert and discrete subject teaching. In both approaches we follow the National Curriculum and the continuity and progression in objectives is ensured by teachers using support from resources such as White Rose Maths, The Write Stuff, Kapow DT and Music, Access Art and Teach Computing. 

The teaching method chosen is tailored to each class and decisions are made following "The Woodrow Way". 


The Woodrow Way

For RE we follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus. 
For PSHE we follow the PSHE Association Programme Builder.


More information can be found in the "Children" section of the website and by clicking on class pages.  

What does your child learn at school each day?

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All teachers are leaders of the curriculum. We work in teams to ensure there is continuity and progression in knowledge and skills across the Key Stages.