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Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton 2019-2020

Autumn term 

We are “orchardists” in Mantle - known throughout this Kingdom and beyond for our amazing apples. In Glorious Orchard, we are preparing for apple day although there are a few problems to sort out! We are also interested in using the land in Slumber Orchard to plant more trees. However, there seems to be a hidden story there...

Along the way, we are learning lots of science, art, PSHE and RE. 

We visited a real orchard at Clive’s Fruit Farm


Orchardists 1 Classification of apples
Orchardists 2 Can we slow down the browning of apples?
Orchardists 3 Can a plant have too much water?
Orchardists 4 There are too many bruised apples
Orchardists 5 Now there are caterpillars in the apples
Orchardists 6 Our best workers
Orchardists 7 The queen’s advisors have seen arguments
Orchardists 8 Can we see through the fence of Slumber Orchard?
Orchardists 9 It has been derelict for many years
Orchardists 10 There was a clearing in Slumber Orchard
Orchardists 11 We pieced together inscriptions in a stone
Orchardists 12 Who could this be in memory of?
Orchardists 13 Why is she not spoken of?



Our Royal Warrant is in danger of being removed because of the problems we are having. Customers have spread bad reviews of our apples on Facebook and line graphs show that sales are down. 

We have removed the nets from the trees and are starting to see the food chain return to normal - no more caterpillars in the apples. 

We have agreed to make leaflet which shows why people should visit us.

We are also hoping to have a Diwali celebration which we will invite the public to. One of our workers has a shrine to Lakshmi in his locker as he is working such long hours, he hasn’t got a lot of time to worship at home and he must prepare for Diwali. 


Whilst exploring Slumber orchard we have been investigating changes in the weather and whether plants can have too much water. Slumber Orchard is very overgrown. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

We are exploring the idea of using Andy Warhol style printing for a new orchard logo. 

We met with the managers to discuss having a Diwali celebration. They eventually agreed to it being in a clearing at the back of the orchard. It was a tremendous success. 

We are still discussing whether we can have a worship room at the orchard...

Picture 1 Tile printin
Picture 2 Leaflets front cover
Picture 3 The band arriving at the Diwali celebration
Picture 4 Paying to enter
Picture 5 Noticing the posters
Picture 6 Having fun
Picture 7 Bringing the whole family
Picture 8 Meeting friends at the orchard
Picture 9 Earing and drinking

At the end of the Diwali celebration, one of the Queen’s advisors handed us a note. Queen Alice demanded our presence at the palace the following day. 

We were worried that she was angry at us for having a celebration. 


We overheard her talking to one of her advisors. They told us about the legacy of Queen Esmeralda. The trees need to be taken care of and nurtured. “Fail to cherish, and the trees shall perish”. They handed us a book about the Mother Tree full of haiku poems (which we had written that morning). 


The Mother Tree had started as a cutting from an awakened tree in slumber Orchard in 1949 - a century after Esmeralda had ordered that no apple seedling r sapling would grow. Glorious Orchard has grown around this tree &r 70 years with Queen Alice as its protector. 


She ordered that the team focus their energies back on the trees. 

One of the ceremonies

Still image for this video
Picture 1
The advisors were at the orchard as the eyes and ears of the Queen. They reported back to her that most of the ceremonies were good. They did say that some needed improvement and the workers needed to know that this was not a “one time only” ceremony. QUeen Alice instructed them to write guidance for the team. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4