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Mrs Allmark and Miss Hinton 2019-2020

Autumn term 

We are “orchardists” in Mantle - known throughout this Kingdom and beyond for our amazing apples. In Glorious Orchard, we are preparing for apple day although there are a few problems to sort out! We are also interested in using the land in Slumber Orchard to plant more trees. However, there seems to be a hidden story there...

Along the way, we are learning lots of science, art, PSHE and RE. 

We visited a real orchard at Clive’s Fruit Farm


Orchardists 1 Classification of apples
Orchardists 2 Can we slow down the browning of apples?
Orchardists 3 Can a plant have too much water?
Orchardists 4 There are too many bruised apples
Orchardists 5 Now there are caterpillars in the apples
Orchardists 6 Our best workers
Orchardists 7 The queen’s advisors have seen arguments
Orchardists 8 Can we see through the fence of Slumber Orchard?
Orchardists 9 It has been derelict for many years
Orchardists 10 There was a clearing in Slumber Orchard
Orchardists 11 We pieced together inscriptions in a stone
Orchardists 12 Who could this be in memory of?
Orchardists 13 Why is she not spoken of?