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Year 1


In this pathway children are enabled to build an understanding about the way they can make marks on a drawing surface. They explore how the way they hold a drawing tool, and move their bodies, will affect the drawings they make.


The focus of the exploration is around spirals – an ancient symbol which we all recognise, and which lends itself to conversations around growth, movement and structure. 

Simple Printing


This pathway invites children to explore the world about them as a way to begin to understand the concept of “print”. 

Children use their own bodies, then things they collect around them, to create a variety of prints. They use their hands and feet to make prints, and they take rubbings of textures from the environment around them.  They make “plates” by making impressions in plasticine, and then by using printing foam. 

They explore how they can build up images by creating multiples, and use line, shape, colour and texture to explore pattern, sequencing and symmetry. 


Playful Making

In this pathway children are introduced to what sculpture can be, and invited to explore the work of other sculptors whilst taking a playful and inventive approach to making their own sculptures.

The pathway encourages children to start voicing their response to sculptural artworks, including their own, and to give them time and space to explore properties of materials, and what happens when you join one or more materials together to construct new forms.


In this pathway children continue to develop their understanding of sculpture and build their making skills.

The exploration starts with careful looking and drawing, and from this “grounded” basis children are encouraged to take creative risks by using experimental mark-making with a variety of media.

Children are then invited to explore how they can manipulate their drawings in an intuitive way to make 3d forms. Paper is twisted, folded, crumpled to become 3d and added to a simple structure. Children explore balance to finally created an individual bird.

The class birds can then be brought together to make a “flock” – with each child’s artwork valued as part of the whole.

Making Birds

Flora and Fauna

In this pathway children are introduced to the idea that many artists use flora and fauna to inspire their work. We look at artists who used drawing as a way to accurately capture the way plants and insects look, and artists who use their imagination to create their own versions of flora and fauna.

Children spend time engaged in close looking as a way to build drawing skills. They also experiment with new materials. 

They practice cutting and collage skills and explore shape and colour to build images.