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Year 4

In Year 4 we read every day. As well as our whole class sessions we also read for Mantle and for other subject areas too. 

Our whole class reading sessions

In their whole class reading sessions, Year 4 read an extract from this book which was packed with useful facts about pollution and helped them with ideas about their news report on a creature washed up on a Cornish beach full of plastic. There were lots of long sentences in the chapter which they practiced reading with good prosody. The book is now in the Year 4 collection so that the children can find out even more! It was interesting to think about why a musician (Dougie Poyntef from McFly) would write such a book. 

During their daily storytime, 4A have enjoyed listening to “The Wild Robot” and “The Wild Robot Escapes” by Peter Brown. They were overjoyed when Roz was reunited with Brightbill and when he returned to the island.

Now they are already hooked on “Varjak Paw” by SF Said and want to know more about Jalal and the way…


Everyday they listen to a poem and so far their favourite is “Luv Song” by Benjamin Zephaniah. 

4B are listening to “The Explorer” by Katherine Randell. It is full of adventure and a great read! 

We love reading!

All Year 4 children choose books to read from our library and class reading collections. They are comparing authors and developing their preferences. They also take a library book home to read or share with their families. 

Book Club

Nineteen Year 4 children have chosen to join the lunchtime Book Club. They read the reviews from well known authors at the start of the book and are looking forward to some disgusting fun!! They also hope to send off a book review to Blue Peter to earn a special book club badge…

In our second Book Club session, we made bookmarks and created our magical, mystical creature hidden in our shadow - a bit like Nancy in chapter 3!