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Mrs Ryall 2018-2019

Welcome to our class


Come back soon to find out about our exciting new Mantle!



We are also a team with a job to do for the BBC

Last year...


In our  mantle in the Spring Term we were the 'Science Investigation Team'; a team of scientists with expertise in rocks and soils. We were notified about a hotel collapsing in California because of erosion.


Our client?  Insurance Investigators


Our commission? To investigate the potential reasons for why the hotel collapsed into the sea whilst exploring the properties of rocks and soils. To report our findings to the insurance company so they could decide whether to pay out or not.


The team have been extremely busy.

We spent a lot of time testing rocks and finding out about the different properties. We concluded that the hotel had been built on unsuitable rock and the insurance company would not pay out! The hotel manager was not happy!

Hotel Seashore

Lower Smite Farm

Year 3 really enjoyed their recent trip to Lower Smite Farm, where we investigated rocks and soils. It was great to get out into the fields and dig! We found lots of different soil types but it was a bit chilly!


During the Spring term we had a mystery to solve.... Bones were discovered in a field. It turned out that these bones were from a long long time ago - THE STONE AGE! over 4000 thousand years in fact.

We tried to find out as much as possible about this time so we could imagine what life would have been like. We became a tribe, travelling together from our homeland which was in danger of flooding, to a new home. Along the way we encountered dangers from lions and mammoths, a member of our tribe became ill and we survived a terrible storm. Finally we found a new place to settle, we found a cave suitable for us all and we began to build areas where we could farm and keep animals. We decided to give up our nomadic life and become self sufficient rather than travelling to find food...

The journey was long and hard

When we arrived at our new home we drew on the walls. These pictures told the story of our journey and would remain there for thousands of years until archaeologists discovered the cave in 2018. As a celebration of the whole tribe surviving the journey we painted our hands onto the walls and made beads which we received from our tribe leader as a trophy.

Our new home

We had a fantastic day at Bishops Wood where we explored what it would be like to live in the Stone Age. We built shelters, mended fences, tried our hand at hunting with arrows and foraged in the forest to see what we would be able to eat. It was a really exciting day!