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Mrs Howie

In Mantle, Year 3 had completed their museum for client Aria when she asked them to also design a Roman garden.

We formed a new team of Landscape Gardeners.

Aria agreed to work with this new company and gave them the commission.

We realised we need to do lots of research about life in Roman times.

We found out about Roman God's and Goddesses.

We found out what plants grew in Roman times and what plants Romans used for food and medicines.

We designed our Roman garden.

We have been doing Science with plants. 

What do they need to grow well?

Peas and grass here.

We have decided to make a large display of sunflowers in the garden.

Science experiment sunflowers in the warm v sunflowers in the cold.

In the garden, we hope to tell the story of a Roman slave child who left her footprint here on the tile.

It was found near Pompeii.

We are trying to tell the story of the Roman slave child, so have created the family that she works for.

The children of the family are not very kind to the slave child.

Science experiment: Sunflowers warm v sunflowers grown outside.

Will the smaller seedlings catch up now we have moved them?

Our peas and grass are growing well, lots of measurements need to be done.