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We know that your priority at the moment is the health and safety of your family.

There is no expectation that you do formal learning at home.

This page has lots of great resources you can use as little or often as you like.


Government advice on helping children learn at home






There are lots of learning ideas on this website.

Hungry Little Minds has lots of activities for children up to the age of 5, definitely worth exploring.

CBeebies has so much to offer, with videos, games and activities galore.

Classroom Secrets have made some awesome home learning packs for each year group.

A theatre company has made it free to watch a video of their play for young children called Whatever the Weather. There is also a storybook and an activity pack you can download and use as well.

The Scholastic website has two weeks worth of activities available for free, including reading and educational videos. It is from the USA, but is still a great resource.

Starfall is another site from the USA but with loads of great resources including Maths and Literacy games and books to read. You have to subscribe for full access, but a number of them are free.

Here are some websites with a great range of educational resources.

The Collins website has some resources for 3-5 year olds.

White Rose Maths have begun providing home learning lessons online, with videos and worksheets you can use. This resource looks fantastic!

Here are some Maths games to play online.

The Twinkl website has a wealth of resources they have made available. Click on the parent hub and check it out.

TTS have home learning packs for each year group to download


Click to book to visit our Virtual Library






Singing Medicine is providing videos of songs to join in with - you might just recognise some of them that Miss Capron-Tee uses! 

SingUp are working on providing a range of music videos and resources for free 

Young Voices are providing loads of videos to enjoy songs and dances at home

The BBC has lots of excellent music suitable for Nursery aged children

The Sing King You Tube channel has absolutely LOADS of karaoke backing tracks for all your favourite songs. Why don't you have a karaoke night once a week? You could even make your own fake microphone from a rolled up paper tube with a ball of scrunched up paper taped on top! 






Join in with the nation doing your daily Joe Wicks workout on You Tube!

Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube

The Sports Partnership has provided some fantastic ideas for staying active at home for all the family

Here are some fun videos to keep little ones active with Boogie Beebies.

10 minute shake up activities based on Disney movies are a fun way to get moving.


We have signed up to this website for lots of free videos and dance routines for ages 4 and up:

Log in Details 


Password: B987UZ






You might find some inspiration for some art projects here 

Crayola have lots of colouring pages and activities to try at home 

Olaf Falafel is making some super fun art videos.






Click the tick for more resources suitable for all ages







This app has some great ideas for children from 0-5 and is well worth downloading.

Scan the QR codes to find the app, or search the Google Play or Apple stores for "How I learn: helping children to be school ready" (by Seven360 LLP)


Android                                           Apple



Top Tips for using the app:

  • The app is not designed to be used by children independently. It is there to give parents ideas of activities they can do at home.
  • Make sure you click the ‘tips’ section at the bottom of each activity for further information or ideas.
  • The book reading videos are not intended as a replacement for sharing stories - no app can replace sharing stories together!
  • Please watch this video to get started







Here are some handy hints from Early Years Northumberland:


  • Keep to a routine - this should be flexible but with boundaries. Getting up, dressed and having breakfast as normal before starting on any fun activities you have planned will help. All children benefit from routines to help them feel safe and secure. In this unusual times, having a structure to the day will help to establish a feeling of ‘normality’ for our youngest children who may be struggling to make sense of what is happening.


  • Let your child lead the learning - what do they love to do? What aspirations do they have?


  • Learn something new - share with your child the things you also love to do.


  • Spend time outside - every day, no matter the weather. It doesn’t have to be long. Play in the mud or splash in the rain, or go on a walk. It will be good for everyone’s health!


  • Limit screen time (ideally no more than 1 hour each day) - when possible, support them to access educational programmes and apps.


  • Share stories every day - not only is this a great way of supporting your child’s language and literacy skills, it will be a time for you to connect together.


  • Keep it simple! The best experiences you share together will be the ones with little fuss where you can focus on just enjoying the experience together.








Nursery 2019 - 2020 is now full.


We are taking applications for September 2020!


We may have a space for you if:


 - Your child turns 3 before 31st August 2020. 


 - You are eligible for the 2 year old funding and your child turns 3 before 31st December 2020.


We also have a small number of 30 hour funded spaces available if:


 - Your child turns 3 before 31st of August 2020.


 - You are eligible for 30 hour funding.


Please contact school as soon as possible and leave your details if you would like to apply for a space. 





2 year old funding

We have limited spaces available for some rising 3's in the 2020-2021 academic year. 

If you child turns 3 between September and December 2020 please get in touch, we may have a nursery space for your child. 


Please see the flyer or link below for more information.


Picture 1

30 hours funding

We also have limited full time nursery spaces available for families who qualify for the 30 hours funding. Please get in touch to discuss this further. 


If you are interested in our Nursery and would like to discuss our provision further, please get in touch. 



Please call us on - 01527 527619

Woodrow First School Nursery 


Nursery is home to our schools youngest children and are taught and supported by:


Mrs Williams - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Liles - Nursery Nurse

Miss O'Mahoney - HLTA

Mrs Cole - HLTA (All day Mondays and on Wednesday mornings)

Mrs Hawkesford- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Coldwell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Robinson - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Styling - Lunchtime Assistant


Nursery children are split into two sessions:


AM - 8.45 - 11.45

PM - 12 noon - 3.00


30 hour children are in school form 8.45am - 3.00pm




What's going on in Nursery?


Each term we ensure that we cover each area of the EYFS curriculum. We also use Mantle of the Expert to bring our curriculum to life! If you would like some more information about our plans for this term and how our Nursery and Foundation stage unit runs then please look at the planning and information below.

Mantle of the Expert


This is the first experience the children have with Mantle of the Expert and we begin in Nursery by introducing the good listening rules, a client and a problem that we need to fix for them. We try to keep one element of our Mantle the same for the year to help the children remember all the fantastic work they have done. For example, last year we were a team of chefs working for our client, Daniel.  Mantle of the Expert gives our children a great opportunity to explore the world around them, their own stories and work as a team to solve problems. I wonder where our Mantle will take us this year? Watch this space for more information.



We are very fortunate to have a swimming pool on the school site. In the Spring term we begin to take our Nursery children to the pool. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to begin to build their confidence in and around water. The children are supervised and supported by at least 2 adults in the pool and by another adult on the side. The children are taken in small groups of 6 and are provided with armbands and buoyancy aids to support their level of water confidence.