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Week 4 Quests


The time has come!

Will we be able to rescue the Queen?




Level 1 players

The grocklings are on a final push to take over the village.

All remaining grocklings attack at dawn!

If you have 10 Sunflower Power Points by the end of the week,

you have saved the village and defeated the grocklings forever, hurrah!

There is a most excellent party to celebrate!




Level 2 players

At the bottom of the Majestic Mountain,

you hear a shout in the distance,

and see that there is an army of Honey Men, Mercenaries and Farties approaching!

You remain at the bottom of the mountain to fight off the attackers.

If you have 15 Sunflower Power Points by the end of the week,

you bust out your most impressive dance moves which terrify the Honey Men, Mercenaries and Farties.

They run away, never to be seen again!

Nice work!




Level 3 and Level 4 players

You begin to climb the Majestic Mountain to rescue the Queen at the top.

The queen is tied up on the peak, and surrounding her are three of the most fearsome baddies ever encountered!

First, Caitlin’s Rainbow Tricker has sharp fangs to eat you, thumper arms if you don’t get out of the way, and the snake arm can squeeze you to death! (Don’t be fooled by the pretty colours!)


Dylan’s creature will kidnap people, steal anything or even EAT people!


And finally, Sai’s Dogostar can smash houses, has feet strong enough to stomp cars and trucks, and will also EAT anything it thinks is tasty (which might include you!)

If you have 30 Sunflower Power Points by the end of the week, you manage to overpower the baddies by tickling them!

It turns out they were only being mean because they were sad and lonely.

You use your charm and intelligence to persuade them to be your friends and they agree to come back and help to defend the village!






If you have more than 80 XP, you spot a secret door in the side of the mountain.

You go through and find PROFESSOR EVIL!

He has been the one responsible for all the baddies and you are the only ones who can defeat him once and for all…

Fortunately, your mighty powers and incredible skills gained from all your superb quest work means that you are able to trap him in a huge blob of slime where he dissolves away to nothing! OH YEAH!


The Queen thanks you all for your bravery and gives each of you a special medal for your effort.

She lets you come and live in her castle and play with her friendly pet dragons.

Anyone want to go for a fly on one?




There is still time to earn more XP - find out on Friday if you have enough XP to become a LEGENDARY ADVENTURER for some extra-special bonuses!

  • It is a good idea to make a list of all the quests you complete this week so you can keep track of your XP and know when you can level up.
  • You can do as many quests as you like (including ones from previous weeks).
  • Remember, if you get enough XP to level up on Friday, you will get to win something from the Treasure Chest!




Quest 1

1 point for every BBC Bitesize lesson you complete.

20 points for doing all the BBC lessons this week.

(Please note: Oak is not providing any more daily lessons, but you can still access previous week's lessons.)

Click here for Bitesize!


Quest 2 NEW!

2 points for every transition activity you do from the school website.

Click here for the transition pages!


Quest 3 NEW!

1 point for every different game you play from our year group home learning resources.

Click here for Year 2 home learning resources.

Click here for Year 3 home learning resources.




Quest 1

Pick a PE with Joe Wicks video to do – 1 point for every day you do a video.

10 points for doing one every day.

Click here for the videos!


Quest 2 NEW!

Home Olympics: 1 point for every minute you do any of these activities:

Skipping on the spot

Burpees (squat thrusts with a jump)

Star jumps

Balance on one leg

Jogging on the spot

Push ups

Sit ups




Quest 1 NEW!

Find someone to play the Tweedledee and Tweedledum game with.

Stand facing each other and look into each other’s eyes.

One person says Tweedledee, the other person says Tweedledum.

Keep doing this – the first person to laugh loses!

1 point for every time you play the game, and a bonus point if you win!


Quest 2 NEW!

Invent a new table top game.

You need to make a board and playing pieces.

Think of the rules needed to play the game. How will someone win?

You could make cards with funny actions for people to do when they land on particular spaces on the board.

5 points




Quest 1

Random Acts of Kindness

Continued from last week, 2 points for every kind thing you do for someone else

(check last week for a link with ideas if needed)


Quest 2 NEW!

1 point for every job you do:

(You can get points every time you do any of these jobs!)

Vacuum or sweep a room

Dust a room

Tidy your bedroom

Change your bed sheets

Do the washing up

Fold the laundry

Clearing the table after a meal




1 Sunflower Power Point for each time you do these activities:

Measure your sunflowers (if you measure them every day and record the results in a table, 10 points!)

Sketch the shoots or photograph them each day to record how they change (if you do this every day, 10 points!)

Water your sunflowers when the soil feels dry

Spend 2 minutes talking to your sunflowers

Find out the Latin name for sunflowers 

Find out if there are different types of sunflowers and write / draw how they are different




Find out on Friday how many XP you need to become a LEGENDARY ADVENTURER with extra special bonuses!

Will you become a legend?


Another busy week for Caitlin, with a particularly impressive All About Me project and even some home grown potatoes!


Sai continues to work hard - awesome stuff!