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Foundation Stage


As part of the children’s Mantle of the Expert work, the Nursery have been working as Polar Bear Protectors. A polar bear had been discovered in the woods and needed returning to the Arctic. The children had watched video clips of the Arctic, a cold place in the world. Using a map in the classroom the children began to comment and ask questions about the wider world which they live in. They pointed to different places on the map and showed curiosity about other animals and names of places. 

 Reception - Map work.

As part of our Mantle work, the children in reception have explored maps. The children found a penguin all alone in the zoo, and knew it needed returning to the Antarctic. Within our Mantle journey, we began exploring a variety of maps in order to plan our route. Engaging in simple map work  allowed the children to develop their understanding between objects and space, how to navigate spaces and their problem solving skills. The children were inspired by the maps they explored to draw their own maps, allowing them to use their creativity and imagination. Map work in reception provided the children with rich opportunities to ask questions and engage in meaningful learning experiences, enabling them to foster a sense of wonder and promoting active exploration of the world around them. 



The Nursery children have been working as a team of finders of lost things in Mantle. The teams have travelled the world and had important jobs to do in the rain forest  in Madagascar and the desert in Egypt. 
The stories the children have created have involved a chameleon and a vulture and their lost eggs.