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Journey to the Pole


Do you want to go on a penguiny adventure to the South Pole?

This learning adventure has been created by Debra Kidd.

It is based on the book Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers.

You don't need a copy of the book to join in. 

Check the links for a good video on You Tube.


Join Oliver Jeffers for story time every week day on his Instagram:























If you want to print the recipe template:






















In case you can't read the letter:


Dear Boy Who Travelled the World With His Penguin,


We are pleased to welcome you home to Townsville after your amazing adventure and hope that you are safe and well.


As you know, you became quite famous embarking on this long journey and the world now knows who you are! Sadly this has led to people contacting us with some of their concerns.


Some people have complained that the penguin is now living in your home. They say that it is not fair to a penguin to live in a human house. They need their own habitat.


We know that your penguin didn’t actually want to stay in its natural habitat in the South Pole, but the people do have a point. Penguins need to be able to swim to keep their bodies strong. They like the company of other penguins (perhaps your little friend would like to have a family one day). They also like lots and lots of fish.


We have decided that it is probably not a very good idea for a penguin to be living in your house. We would like to visit to check that your house is good enough for a penguin to live in and if it is not, we will need to find your penguin a new home.


Don’t worry – wherever that new home is, we will make sure that it is close enough for you to visit very often – we would not want to break up such good friends.


Yours sincerely

The Mayor of Townville.