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#RSA Social Action Project 2019 2020

On 3rd February ten Year 4 Pupil Ambassadors nominated to represent Woodrow, attended a special social action planning workshop. The children taking part in the workshop, each of whom were selected for their peer leadership potential, came together with two West Midlands schools to start planning their RSA4 social action project. RSA Academies primary social action project, known as ‘RSA4’, works with ten schools across the West Midlands to empower some of our youngest citizens to make a difference. Year 4 pupils are given the opportunity to identify and research a social issue that they feel passionate about, and then make a difference by taking practical actions that help others or the environment. Practical actions could include activities such as fundraising for charitable causes, campaigning to raising awareness or volunteering. At the workshop, pupils were tasked with presenting to the rest of the group on their chosen issue - hunger and explaining why it was important to them as young citizens. Next, pupils moved on to brainstorming some of the ways they could make a difference through specific actions, planning a project timeline and considering project roles for themselves and their Year 4 peers. This was the third and final ambassadors training workshop of the Spring term. Previous workshops have seen pupils learn more about their role in the community about social issues that impact people’s lives and our planet. Having drawn up their initial project plans, the RSA4 Pupil Ambassadors will now present these to their Year 4 classmates, inviting them to feed in their own ideas, participate in further research and support the overall project during the Spring/Summer Term. All of the Pupil Ambassador from across the participating RSA4 schools will meet again for another workshop in May to review their progress and reinvigorate their change-making ideas. The RSA4 programme will conclude with a celebration event in June where pupils will present on their social action projects, share their successes with the other schools and reflect on what they can do in the future. By participating in RSA4, we hope to build Year 4 pupils’ confidence in their ability to lead, collaborate as a team, communicate effectively, and help connect their learning to the wider world. We look forward to updating you on the pupils’ RSA4 project as it develops.   

Workshop 3 - Planning our Project