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Animal Heroes

We have been really busy learning all about animals.  We have discovered what animal groups a variety of animals belong to:  

mammals         reptiles       amphibians 

      insects             birds            fish


We know all about the different habitats:

Rainforest         Desert       Ocean        Woodland

Mountains       African plains        Arctic     


We have also learnt about what they eat:

     carnivores        herbivores      omnivores     


We have received our first commission; to travel to Australia and help a Reptile park.  


Visitors at the park have expressed their concern regarding the animals welfare.  The animals look sad, their enclosures are untidy and the crocodile is really snappy!


So, the Animal Heroes set off to provide support and to share their knowledge of reptiles with the keepers at the park.  The team made passports to travel by aeroplane and have their tickets ready.  They travelled to Australia in 5 pictures.   

Our journey to Australis in 5 photographs.

At the reptile Park.

The animal heroes arrived at the park and went in to see what they could find.  

                        "The animals are mixed up!"


                            "There are no 'Stay Away' signs"


           "The eggs are not hatching!"


The team spoke to some of the keepers at the park and found out that a few of them were new.  They needed training and some information about how to care for all the reptiles correctly. The Animal Heroes were going to be very busy!

The first job was to sort all the reptiles into groups and place them into appropriate enclosures.  

At the Reptile Park.

Our second commission.

The Animal Heroes have been contacted by the Museum team (year 4) as they have found a bat in the entrance of a cave, that is alive but not moving.  Can we help?  Yes we can!

Take a look at what we have made

Measuring life size animals using non-standard units

Making cages and pens for animals using straws and playdough