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Year 2

PE days for Summer.


Mrs Marshall's class will have indoor PE on Thursday and outdoor PE on Friday.


Miss Davies' class will have outdoor PE on Tuesday and indoor PE on Thursday.

Please make sure the children have a jumper, joggers/leggings and suitable trainers for being outdoors on outdoor PE days.

The people of Merryfield, formally Hazelthorpe, celebrated their mining history by parading their new banner.

Welcome to our Year 2 children and families!


Below you can see the Year 2 team.

Here are the teaching staff:



       Miss Davies                                     Mrs Marshall                                    Miss Cole                    

Here are our support staff

                         Mrs Chase                                                               Mrs Griffiths

Some children might access our new Year 2 Pod with

                              Miss Wilson                                                                       Mrs Hirst

Some Year 2 children may still access Smarties, our Nurture group. This is led by Mrs Matthews and Mrs Bridges.

We have 2 classes in Year 2, with a total of 57 children. Mrs Marshall and Mrs Clifford teach the classes along with Miss Cole, who works across both classes.



All children in Year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School meals.


The children can have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch from home. 


Books and Book Bags

Please can the children bring your reading book into school everyday. Adults will try to read with every child over the week.

Children can change their book, if they need to, when they come into school in the morning.

Our Curriculum



Much of our curriculum is carefully woven into a Mantle story. 

During the Autumn Term we worked  as a team of Botanists, experts with trees and plants. This built on the children's experiences in Year 1 and focused on keeping plants alive and healthy. Our work led us deep into the Amazon Rainforest. There was be a lot to learn about how a rainforest village compares to our local area! The team also discovered a fascinating connection between our local area, a significant local individual from the past and the rainforest produce. 

Last term we were working as both a team in the past and one in the present. In the past a team of information gatherers worked for Queen Victoria's government advising on the living conditions for mining families. They also investigated the roles, ages, health and schooling of children working in the  mines as part of Lord Shaftsbury's inquiry. In the present we were a team of craft workers, commissioned to create a commemorative stained glass window for a church in a town with a strong mining background. They also created a banner to represent the many miners who had worked at the colliery.


This term the children will be tracking containers moving all around the world. They will be ensuring the contents are successfully and safely stored. There is one department, few people know about. They monitor the containers lost at the bottom of the ocean.  



Our Long Term and Medium Term Plans

Our Day

Phonics and Spelling

We have daily Phonics and Spelling sessions. A small number of our children will still need to revisit previous learning through small group interventions. For the majority of our children, we will begin by revisiting Phase 5 and then progress to using the No Nonsense Spelling Programme. This looks at spelling patterns, prefixes, suffixes, plurals etc.


We subscribe to an online Spelling site called 'Spelling Shed'. The children will all have their own login details and will be able to access this from home as well as school.  



During the Spring Term we began to introduce a whole class reading session weekly. During these sessions the children work on different skills. These include:

  • retrieving information from a picture, video clip or text
  • making inferences about how a character feels and what is happening
  • thinking about why an author made certain choices
  • looking at interesting and new vocabulary
  • decoding unfamiliar words

We read a selection of fiction, poetry and non-fiction texts during these sessions. Some children will continue with smaller guided reading sessions.

The children can also choose from  a selection of books from the school library.
The children have the responsibility for changing their book when they need to.
It really helps children if they can read at home frequently – it does make a difference!
During the term some children may participate in additional daily reading interventions to develop fluency, comprehension and confidence.


­Daily Class Reading Time

Each class will have a reading for pleasure session daily. The books read will include a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Once shared, these books will then be put in the class book area for the children to revisit.

We follow planning from the 'White Rose Hub' and the 'National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics' (NCETM). 


This year Year 2, along with Year 1 and Reception, are taking part in a new National initiative to secure mental maths calculations. Mastering Number is a programme created by the NCTEM. The daily session lasts for 15 minutes. This is in addition to their normal maths lesson.

Our children can also use their 'Spelling Shed' logins to access 'Maths Shed'. There are challenges here to help practise the number facts and times tables. Some children will also have access to TTRock Stars. All children can access the White Rose App.
In Year 2 we focus on writing to entertain and writing to inform others. This includes narratives, descriptions, letters and instructions.
Much of our writing comes through the Mantle. There will be opportunities to explore a broad variety of texts and to develop skills across fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing.


Supporting your child at home
Reading: The children have the opportunity to change their reading book every day. We encourage their independence in selecting a book to share at home. 
 It is really helpful if the children can spend a few minutes every day practising their phoneme of the week and number facts. Spelling Shed and Maths Shed are great for this. They can both be accessed for free on the internet.


The children will also be able to use their login to access the learning platform called Showbie. This is web-based and can be accessed from home. This will allow the children to share learning with the classmates and families.