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Mr Benney 2018- 2019

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Ancient Egypt Autumn '18

It has been a busy year so far!
It all started with a picture...
At Cairo Airport people certainly weren't happy.
The baggage scanning took ages.
Something very strange had been found.
Security kept the owner for questioning.
Life inside her room wasn't terribly pleasant.
Security needed more help. They called in a team
We new we needed to find out more...
And researched the strange jar.
A close up revealed a new finding.
We examined the jar and opened it to find...
A message, but not in a language we knew.
This is revenge. You shall not enter the afterlife
We travelled from Cairo to the Valley of the Kings
We used the book 'The Promise' to base our work on
On arriving, a man was there. He refused to talk.

Ice Age Spring 17/18

In Stranehone peculiar bones were found...
...and strange markings.
We investigated and found that the bones...
...probably came from a long, long time ago...
... during the Stone Age. To find out...
...for certain, we'd need to go back in time.
Our lives in the Stone Age were very different.
Shelters were basic.
Nets needed repairing.
Walls were tricky to make.
Fire was very important.
But the ice was melting, and to survive...
...we decided we needed to travel.
The journey was dangerous...
...and in order to survive we had to hunt.
We were remorseful...
... but we needed the food...
and fur.
Not all those in our tribe survived...
...but we always preserved memories...
...though our markings...
... and necklaces.
Our journey was eventful...
...but us and our babies eventually made it.
To mark the end of our journey we left a print...
... so that generations would never forget.
And, just maybe, we also left our bones.

Last year...


In our  mantle in the Spring Term we were the 'Science Investigation Team'; a team of scientists with expertise in rocks and soils. We were notified about a hotel collapsing in California because of erosion.


Our client?  Insurance Investigators


Our commission? To investigate the potential reasons for why the hotel collapsed into the sea whilst exploring the properties of rocks and soils. To report our findings to the insurance company so they could decide whether to pay out or not.


The team have been extremely busy.

We spent a lot of time testing rocks and finding out about the different properties. We concluded that the hotel had been built on unsuitable rock and the insurance company would not pay out! The hotel manager was not happy!